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the most dangerous game

No description

Sarah Panebianco

on 22 October 2012

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Transcript of the most dangerous game

Protagonst - Rainsford Rising Action 1. Rainsford fell off the ship at shiptrap island and passed out on a rock (Connell 69).

2.Rainsford arrived at Zaraoffs door(Connell 71).

3. Rainsford meet Ivan, talks to Zaroff and he tells Rainsford that he is too good to hunt animals so he hunts humans(Connell 74). Exposition When Rainsford and Whitney set sail to Rio to hunt for jaguars, Rainsford ends up falling off the boat, but he eventually arrives at Ship-Trap Island with a deadly opponent. "The Most Dangerous
Game" Zaroff challenges Rainsford to his game
(Connell pg 74). Climax Author: Richard Connell (Connell 68) Resolution Falling Action
Kim Duffy,
Asia Arroyo,
Sarah Panebianco,
Jared Hildreth -The three traps Rainsford set up
for Zaroff during the games
(Connell 1st trap 79 2nd 81 3rd 82). Rainsford beats Zaoff at his own game (Connell 83) Antagonist- Zaroff, Ivan Foreshadowing

- When Whitney and Rainsford talk about all the bad things that go on Ship Trap island. (Connell 67)
-Zaroff is talking about his hunting games that
he dose with all of the people that get struck
on ship trap island.
(Connell 74) Conflict Theme Characterization Setting -Man vs. Man- Zaroff vs. Rainsford in the game
(Connell 80)
-Man vs. nature- when Rainsford fell off boat and when Rainsford made the
the traps
(Connell 69 and 81) -The theme of the story is, how Zaroff and Rainsford learned a lesson about human nature.
-Another theme is to never underestimate your
opponent. -Rainsford- is a hunter going to hunt and ended being the prey.
-Zaroff- is a hunter who got bored of hunting typical animals like tigers, so now he hunts humans.
-Whiteny- Rainsford hunting partner.
Ivan- Zaroffs servant. -It opens in the Caribbean on a boat to Brazil and continues to a mysterious island called Ship-Trap Island. Irony- Rainsford is a hunter who became hunted.
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