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Copy of Career Fair Prep

Spring 2013Career Fair - Prep

Celeste Granger

on 12 February 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Career Fair Prep

The Resume The Personal Commercial What TO Wear ...Follow Up! The Business Card The personal commercial should:
Be between 30 to 60 seconds
Address : WHO you are
WHAT you're studying
WHY you're interested in them

Interviewstream is a free online tool that offers 500 different interview questions. It can be accessed through your free hireLINK account. Find the question "Personal Commercial" and practice away. Make sure it's RECRUITER-READY
Bring MULTIPLE copies on resume paper
Bring them in a Portfolio Duty Uniform of the day
Senior Blazer with appropriate tie and shoes.

Dress for Success! Always ask for the recruiter's business card at the end of your conversation. But...
Don't put it away until you have walked away.
Be sure to write down any key information on that back of the card that will help you when you... Follow up a few days later with a phone call, email or personal "thank you" card with employers of interest.

**Be sure that you include your name and phone number in any voicemails you leave**

**Be sure that the message on YOUR phone is professional as well.** The Shake A great handshake makes a great first impression. So be sure to practice ahead of time. A firm handshake (for men AND women) shows confidence! The Career Fair is... A Networking Event
An opportunity to learn about organizations and graduate/professional schools
NOT where students get job offers MAP IT OUT The Research Find a list of companies attending online at hireLINK
Research the organizations you are interested in so you are prepared at the Career Fair
Using your research, prepare any questions you may have for each company Need More Information?
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