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Prefix "re"

"Re" means again, back

Zong Heng

on 29 March 2011

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Transcript of Prefix "re"

Prefix "re" means again, back Remember that when you add a prefix to the beginning of a root word, it changes the meaning of the word. When "re" is added to the beginning
of a root word, it changes the meaning
of the word to mean again, back. 1. recheck (verb):
to look at something again The students recheck their test before
turning it in. 2. reclosable (adjective):
able to be sealed or shut again Goldilocks is a mischievous
little girl. 3. reelect (verb):
to vote someone into office again. We reelect the mayor into office. 4. refund (noun):
money that is given back; money that is yours again I got a refund from Target when I returned the item I didn't want. 5. reimburse (verb):
to give money back; to pay back The company reimbursed Mr. Fox
after he purchased the cake to celebrate
James' good-bye party. 6. remember (verb):
to bring back to mind; to have in your thoughts again. I remember where I put my glasses. 7. renew (verb):
to make something new again I renew my library books so I can finish reading them. 8. repeat (verb):
to say something again Can you please repeat what you just said to me?
I couldn't hear you. 9. respond (verb):
to answer back; to talk again They responded very well to the test questions. 10. revive (verb):
to bring back to life; to be alive again The life guard revived the young boy after he pulled him out of the pool. The zipbloc bag is reclosable.
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