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No description

Castroville PC Lab

on 4 June 2015

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Transcript of Nayeli

Nayeli's Prezi
Venezuela was running low on money and people where now having trouble without any money. In Rome there was a gap between the rich and the poor that continued to grow ,but two people were about to stand up for the poor of Rome and the rich of Rome. It was going to create conflict between the rich and the poor of Rome.
In Rome the Romans had very little voice in the government. The Romans had barely enough power to change things. As on the other hand in Venezuela the government like other people that are not part have any voice in the government. The government never did anything about long lines and Siso wanted them to do something about long lines.In Rome their was no long lines and if there were the poor Romans could have changed something about long lines.
Venezuela and India are very alike to Rome in several ways. They all have many differences. Their similarities and differences are about economic,political,and social.
In India people would have kids lintel they had a boy because they work harder. As well as in Rome there was a cause of a huge part of population in both India and Rome. Parents would prefer a boy because the are more of a hard worker. That is what caused an over population in Rome and India
In conclusion people in Rome,Venezuela,and India were all the same because they were involved in political, social, and economic.Venezuela and Rome are nothing alike.But, on the other hand Rome and India are very alike by social.
Roman Flag
India Flag
Venezuela Flag
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