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10 Things About Hunter Owenby

10 things about meh

hunter owenby

on 8 January 2013

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Transcript of 10 Things About Hunter Owenby

My family is made up of all Alabama fans so I am one too. I am also a falcons fan because they are the only NFL team near where I live. The only reason i don't get free lunch at school is because my brother gets free money from the government because he is disabled. My Dad has only $400 saved in the bank for my college. I don't really like ice cream accept with fudge. My mother has throat problems which I think causes her to be overweight and they took me to the docter because they thought I had it. My doctor thought I had diabetes but everything was fine. I always go on vacation to Florida. When I was born my mom thought I would be a girl and named me Summer. I was born with a swollen tonsil so i cant hear good in my right ear. THX for looking at my prezi. 10 Facts About Me.
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