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Beeyond the Hive Ltd.

No description

Jennalee Hamilton

on 20 February 2014

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Transcript of Beeyond the Hive Ltd.

Executive Summary I
Company Logo & Slogan
Business Feasibility SWOT Analysis
Mission Statement
Home Base
Meet the Business

“We strive to produce the
highest quality
and sweetest tasting
. We are passionate about raising
healthy bees
business practices.”

Equipment Used At
Glenboro , MB

7 miles south & 1 mile west of Glenboro

5 acres of purchased land
Low rent for summer yards due to pollination services

Low marketing costs

Use of technology for tracking & increase productivity / efficiency

Increasing demand of honey
Jennalee Hamilton
Home Town:
Glenboro, Mb

Industry Experience:
Family Farm
Westoba Credit Union
Executive Summary
Mission Statement
Company History
Products & Services
Industry Analysis
Target Market Profile

Becoming a member of the Manitoba beekeepers association, allowing to advertise through word of mouth

Excellent crops grown in the area

Expansion of the business over the next few years
Newly established - no customer base yet for bee package

Do not own summer yards

The business is seasonal

Part-time employees are needed for the summer months

Hillary Kroeker
Home Town:
Glenbush, Sk

Industry Experience:
Family Farm
Scotia Bank
Daniel Kroeker
Home Town:
Killarney, Mb

Industry Experience:
Family Farm
Bee Farm
Bayer Crop Science
Extracting Equipment
Progressive Cavity Pump

De- Boxer
Wax Spinner
Progressive Cavity Pump

Marketing Strategy
Operational Plans
Human Resource plan
Source and use of funds
Financial position and projection

Type of Business:
Beekeeping Farm

Honey, Wax, Bee Packages

Glenboro, MB

# of Hives for start up:

Executive Summary I

Staff Costs

Wildlife / extreme weather

Potential liability lawsuits

Larger incorporated companies selling bee packages

Potential for above average winter losses
Company Location

SW 17-6-14 W
Summer Bee Yards
All investors will act as board of directors

Meetings will be held semi-annually each year

Each investor will sign a shareholders agreement


Attend semi-annual meetings
October 31 & March 31
Human resources
Network & market at annual bee meetings


Competitive Effect
Honey and wax prices are not set by the company, prices are set in reflection of the open markets and the wholesalers.

Parity Pricing Strategy
Bee package prices are set comparable to the competition

Premium Pricing Strategy
This will be implemented after the company has established themselves as a supplier.

Marketing Strategy

*Production numbers are from year 1; based on 500 hives and the average production per hive noted above.

Annual Sales

Red River Valley/ Winnipeg Area

Giguere Honey Farms, Winnipeg
Scott Creek Honey Farm, Elie
Phil’s Honey, Starbuck
French Bee Farm, Winnipeg
John Russell Honey Co., Wpg
Bloomin’ Prairie Honey, Carman
Peters’ Honey Farm, Kleefeld
Friedensfeld Honey, Steinbach
Sweetness & Light, Morden
Wildwood Honey Farms, Tyndall
Marg’s Honey, St. Andrews

Target Market Profile

Art Richmond, Cypress River
Trevor Drinkwater, Glenboro
Bill Lockhart, Baldur
Will Clark , Treesbank
Clark family, Treesbank
Myron Peters, Killarney

Target Market Profile

Competition for Bee Packages


Big Bertha Box Lifter

Beetight Tracking

1. To the best of their knowledge, have no known allergy to bees.

2. Be certified in CPR and First Aid.

3. Hold a WHMIS training certificate.

4. Must wear all PPE that is provided

* In addition to above there will be no personal texting on the job and absolutely no alcohol, drugs, or smoking on the job.

Annual Operational Hours

Source and Use of Funds I

Company financing will be through Farm Credit Canada (FCC) of Brandon. The loans are set up as follows:


Succession Plan

International Accounts Manager at BeeMaid Co-op in Winnipeg
Karen Miles

Profitability Ratios
Measures the earnings of a company over a given time

Gross Profit Margin
Solvency Ratios
Liquidity Ratio
Measures the ability a company to strive over a long period of time
30% return on investment
Honey Producer
Wax Producer
Bee Package Producer
Bartel Honey Farms
Competition for Yards
Art Richmond
Bill Lockhart
Trevor Drinkwater
Clark Families
Honey Production
By Province
Industry Analysis
Canada vs. The World
14% Share = $23 Million

13 Million Pounds

Honey Farm Cash Receipts by Province
Manitoba = 23 million (14%)

Canada = 164 million
From 2012-2013 honey consumers
increased from 54% to 70%
Per Capita Consumption of Honey
Where does Canada rank in
Honey Production?
Enjoyed in over 25 countries

Over 1/2 is exported
Top Countries Importing Canadian Honey

US = 85 % ($62 million)
Top Importers of the Worlds Honey
#1 - United States
Big Bertha Box Lifter
Enterprise Analysis
Risk Identification
Management Strategies

Debt Management Plan
Pay of mortgage & term loan in 10 years.
Keep $120,000 bank balance.
Additional earnings should go towards loan or other investments
More hives
New equipment
Manager incentive bonuses
Maintain debt to total assets ratio at <= 0.5:1.
Tax Management Plan
Establish business as a corporation to take advantage of low 11% tax rate.

Maximize deprecation as a deduction

Continue expanding by purchasing appropriate capital assets with excess working capital
Each shareholder will be required to update their will every 3 years

Important clause in the Shareholders Agreement:
Shotgun Provision
Arbitration Clause
Valuation Clause
Mike Gray
Myron Peters
Financial & Business Consultants
Former Agribusiness grad

Commercial Lending Specialist with
Vanguard Credit Union
Industry Professional
Art Richmond
Beekeeper, Killarney
Inventor of Big Bertha Box Lifter
Beekeeper, Cypress River
Over 33 year in the industry
Jeff Affleck
Peter Manness
Farm management consultant with MNP
Warren McDuffe
Account Executive at Guild Insurance Brokers Inc.
Executive Summary II

We Welcome Your
Comments Questions !
Asset Turnover
Return on Equity
Return on Assets
Profit Margin
Debt to Total Assets
Times Interest Earned
Measures the short-term ability of the company to pay its debts and cover unexpected expenses
Current Ratio
Working Capital
MacGregor Wax Works
Hive Inspection:
Record treatments and feedings
Track colony temperament
Records batch codes

Hive Location:
Shows location & current weather
at each site
Record primary forage at each site

Hive Labels
Bar codes
Pull up hive
records instantly
Hive Tracking & Recording Website & App
Discounts and Rewards
Purchase 10 or more bee package & receive a Beeyond The Hive Ltd., promotional item
Pick up your bee packages & receive a 10% discount
Product & Services

Key Strategies
Employee Excellent Workers
Maintain a BOD with expertise in various fields of agriculture
Hire a manager with a degree in agribusiness and 2 years experience in the bee industry
Utilize different technologies in order to remain current and efficient
Expand to 1,000 hives by year 4

After year 4 grow the retained earnings, & use this to update equipment

Improve the company's share value
Grow to 750 hives in year 3

Work to pay down debt
Short Term Goals
Long Term Goals
New Zealand
Historic Prices
Staff Costs
Summer Employees
Assist in the maintenance of hives

Make splits to be sold as bee packages

Remove hives from yard sites

Assist in extracting
General Manager
Oversee daily operations

Maintain financial records

Hire, train, & supervise summer employees

Attend bee meets during the off season
Human Resource
Every Employee of Beeyond The Hive Ltd., Must:
Variable Expenses
Variable Expenses
Yards Rent
Vet Expenses
Bee Feed
Operating Labour
Packaging Costs

Queen Expenses
Overwinter Insurance
Fuel – Operating
Shipping Costs
Miscellaneous Expenses

Financial Positions

Executive Summery II
Company shows
excellent profitability

Cash balance
by the end of year 3 is

Ratios all show
favorable growth

Share Value increased by 55%
Business Development Manager at Farm Credit Canada
Beeyond The Hive Ltd.
13th Largest
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