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No description

Tristan Brumund

on 6 March 2015

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Transcript of Beowulf

Beowulf, a New Telling
In this prezi, i am going to tell you the story of Beowulf.
The End
I hope you enjoyed my prezi about Beowulf. I also hope you enjoyed the book just as much as i did.
Hrothgar builds Heorot Hall
Long ago, in the land of The Danes, lived the King Hrothgar. He was as tough as steel, and nobody could defeat him. He decided to make a hall with his riches. It was named Heorot Hall. It was shiny as could be, and full of goodness.
Grendel attacks Heorot Hall
Everything was good for Hrothgar, and he decided to invite guests over to his new hall. Everyone had a nice feast. After a while, everyone was tired and went to sleep. Little did they know that lurking in the swamps of the Fen was an evil creature. It was so horrifying and ugly that everyone feared it. Its name was Grendel. In the night while everyone was sleeping, he attacked Heorot Hall and killed 30 men.
Grendel attacks again
Grendel did attack Heorot Hall again. This time Hrothgar was ready. They thought that they may defeat Grendel, but Grendel defeated them like it was nothing. Grendel was again victorious.
By Tristan Brumund
March 2015
Beowulf arrives to Heorot Hall
Everyone thought that hope was lost and nobody could defeat Grendel, but then Beowulf arrived. At first, nobody thought that Beowulf could do the job of defeating Grendel, but that would soon change. Beowulf arrived on boat with his men. He said he was there to defeat Grendel. The people of the Danes laughed, but they would soon figure out that Beowulf was not just a normal person.
Beowulf's victory
Beowulf and the people of Heorot Hall were preparing for Grendel to attack again. This time Beowulf was there, and when Grendel finally came, there was a fierce battle. In the end, Beowulf ended up pulling Grendel's arm out of its socket. Grendel fled the seen.
Grendel's Mother
Everyone was happy that Grendel wouldn't terrorize the people anymore. Little did they know that in the swamps of the Fen was Grendel's Mother. She went to Heorot Hall in the middle of the night and took Grendel's arm. Unferth, someone at Heorot Hall, who hated everybody, left and followed Grendel's Mother. When Beowulf woke up, Grendel's arm was gone and so was Unferth. Everyone knew who had taken them. It was obvious that it was Grendel's Mother. Beowulf and his men decided to go to the Fen to try and fin Unferth, but when they got there, all they saw were the wicked trees, the boiling and nasty swamps, and Unferth's head on a tree.
Beowulf's Fight
Beowulf told his men that he was going to dive into the swamp to look for Grendel's Mother. He also told them that if he did not return within a couple days, that would mean that he would be dead. Beowulf dived in and right there to meet him was Grendels Mother. She strangled Beowulf, but Beowulf was able to overcome it by using the Goodness in his heart. He believed in himself, and Grendel's Mother gave out. Beowulf ended up choking her. All of a sudden, Grendel, who was thought to be dead, suprised Beowulf, but it didn't matter because Beowulf chopped off Grendel's head.
Beowulf is rewarded
Everyone in the kingdom was happy that Beowulf had defeated the monsters. Beowulf was rewarded with many items that included shiny gold and lots of money's worth. Beowulf's deed was done and he decided to return to his home. Everyone was sad, but it was time for him to go. Beowulf returned to see his uncle Hygelac.
Beowulf ages
Beowulf lived a long life afterward tending to bees. He lived 40 years after, but his work was not finished. There was still one enemy left, the Firedrake. He was terrorizing and burning towns, and Beowulf had to put a stop to that. Beowulf took his bees and the future king,Wiglaf. Together, they climbed to the Firedrake's den, and defeated it. They did this as a team, with Wiglaf stabbing it, and the bees going down it's throat to sting him, but Beowulf's armor was to heavy for him and Beowulf sadly, at 91, died from the weight of the armor.
Beowulf buried as a greatly honored hero
Beowulf was buried by the ocean. Everyone loved Beowulf and honored his life and the sacrifices that he made to save lives. He sacrificed his own life to kill the Firedrake so the Firedrake would not take many others. Beowulf did not defeat the three monsters with his strength, but with a big and loving heart to everyone that was in danger. I honor Beowulf because no matter how scared everyone was, he just shrugged off the fear and dealt with the monster.
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