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Cole Porter

Presentation about Cole Porter, part of the Lost Generation

Hannah Cerasoli

on 28 May 2010

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Transcript of Cole Porter

Lights... Cameras... Action! Cole Porter Anything Goes 1-b 06/1934 10 12 The Early Years Only Child of... Kate Cole She helped him with his music, like... piano, violin, and composition. The Five Reasons Cole Moved to Paris: Homosexuality Better training The Flops Escape Conformity Making a Name for Himself Friendly, adventageous,
but sexless marriage Magic behind the music Mutual affairs Ethel Merman PARIS PPPP OPPP P Anything Goes Panama Hattie Something for the Boys Red, Hot, and Blue Du Barry Was a Lady Paris Samuel Fenwick Druggist by trade Shy, unassertive man Amateur poet, influenced
Cole's rhyme and meter and..... Cole's Education Worchester Academy Yale University Harvard Law School Harvard School of Music French Legion 1917 - 1928 Schola Cantorum Vincent d'Indy December 19, 1919 November 17, 1883
May 20, 1954 June 9, 1891
October 15, 1964 Theory: orchestration counterpoint Life of luxury and extravagance Paris (1928) Silk Stockings (1954) Kiss Me Kate (1948) Anything Goes (1934) Wake Up and Dream (1929) The Accident Osteomyelitis: infection of the bone Amputation of right leg Geraldine and Josephine 34 previous operations 22 shows written Why the God above me who must be in the know
Think so little of me
They allow you to go Every Time We Say Good-bye: Bon Voyage: And there's no cure like travel
To help you unravel
The worries of living today.
When the poor brain is cracking
There's nothing like packing
A suitcase and sailing away.
Take a run 'round Vienna,
Granada, Ravenna, Sienna
And then a-'round Rome.
Have as high time, a low time,
And in no time
You'll be singing "Home, Sweet Home". Withstanding Time Valedictorian Not by choice Fight Songs Homosexual Realization Wrote Over 300 Songs 1913 - 1914 Conversation with the Dean Serious Study Pietro Yon Counterpoint Harmony Electric Shock Therapy Fred Astaire
Fanny Brice
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