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Using New Technologies to Support Online Learning Environmen

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Susannah Quinsee

on 21 May 2014

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Transcript of Using New Technologies to Support Online Learning Environmen

Using New Technologies to Support Online Learning Environments
MOOCs:Massive Online Open Courses
"Oxbridge tutorial" model
Professor Susannah Quinsee
Director Learning Enhancement and Development
City University London

1. Overview of different models

Small groups

Academic as locus of knowledge
Instructor paced
Closed environment
Individual engagement
Face-to-face contact
Blended Learning
VLE Supported
Open University Model
What is the value of the campus?
What is an online learning environment?
What resources will be available?
Physical meets virtual
James Perkins, VP Education, City University London
2. Nexus of virtual and physical environments
3. Some ideas to take away
Increased student nos
Student demand
a = Lecturer effort deficit

Not enough online material

Student dissatisfaction
b = Student attention deficit

Too much online material

Lecture dissatisfaction

Student disengagement

Distance learning (D/L) students

expectation is to fully interact with the material through online mechanisms
leads to a positive experience

Blended leaning students (B/L) experience the perfect balance of online resource and teaching support of for their modules
Curriculum design "nirvana"

right balance of online resource and in-person teaching

give students enough material to engage with both further study and in-class teaching
1. Variety of models for our education environments
Why are you today?
2. Blended learning has possibility to transition education
3. Online environments are extension of the physical and vice versa

City University London
Disruptive (?) technologies
www.city.ac.uk/lead follow me on twitter @squinsee
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