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Lesson 113-116

No description

Andrés Villarreal

on 4 November 2016

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Transcript of Lesson 113-116

CHOICE: Opting for one thing rather than other

MORALITY: The basis on which a person makes moral choices, i.e. between god and bad
L.113 What is Morality?
L 114 Actions and Consequences
L116 Influences on our morality
L115 Rights and responsabilities
Morality and choices
All of us we have to make
Every day we decide lies or truth? Choices that involve right and wrong and doing good or bad are called moral choices.
The basis for making moral choices is called

Story: A moral choice
Key words
Human relationships
The word relationships describes the way we connect with other people, either individually or in groups. We connect people on 3 different levels: interpersonal, communal, and global.
: one to one
: groups of people
: people from all over the world
We all value our freedom, but sometimes we have to accept that there are limits to our freedom. It is important to respect the freedom of others while exercising our own freedom. Our freedom to choose right or wrong and good over is determined by our respect for the freedom of others. It is the respect for the freedom of others that builds up our relationships with others.
Actions and consequences
As we grow up, we learn about the positive and negative consequences of our actions. All of our actions have consequences; some positive, others negative.
Consequences and relationships
Like ripples in a pool, the consequences of our actions extended out from our interpersonal relationships to our communal relationships and even to our global relationships.
What does christinity teach about relationships?
Christianity teaches about right relationships. When elationships are right, justice is the result. Our moral behaviour affects our relationship with God and others. Jesus' teaching on right relationships is centred around the commandment of love - the love of God and our neighbour.
Key words
Relationships: Connections between people, through family, community, country, group or choice.

Freedom: The capacity to do what we want, i.e. to choose to do good or to do bad.

Action and consequence: a consequence is something that happens as a result of an action/choice.

Rights are the things that people are entitled to in order to live a dignified and meaningful life.

In ordet to become moral people, we must try to respect and protect the rights of others.
Universal Declaration of Human Rights
On 10 december 1942, the United Nations organisation published its Declaration of Human Rights. This declaration is universal, i.e. it applies to everyone throughout the world. It recognises the equality of all men and women and their right to live with dignity and freedom. It also establishes the responsabilities of all human beings.
Rights and responsabilities go hand in hand. When we exercise our rights, we are called to take up the responsability that goes with them.

Our rights and responsabilities also extend to our treatment of those around us.
Responsability for the earth
Christians believe that the earth is a sacred gidt form God, which has given to us to take care of and pass on to each new generation.
What nfluences our moral choices?
An influence is something that has an effect on the way we might think about a person, a place or a thing. Our opinions and choices are all influenced by many different factors. For example, our morality, what we believe to be good or bad, right and wrong, is influenced by our upbringing, the opinions of our family and friends, the place where we live,our religion and so on.
Key words
Influence: Something that affects a person's behaviour/decisions

Society: The connection that exits between people when they share an outlook and way of life

Morality and society
Our morality influences the kind of person we become. The kind of person we are inlfuences the way we relate to others. It also affects the way we relate to peoplein our society whom we may not know personally, but with whom we are connected in various ways.
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