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xXReaperXx jhmn

on 7 March 2017

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Transcript of History

The War
Good afternoon Mrs. Pecora and class today we will be talking about why Quebec is still predominantly french.
Hope you enjoy!!!!!
The War started in 1713 and ended in 1763 with a British victory. During this period of time there were many battles like the Attack on the Beautport Shore and The Plains of Abraham. The war ended shortly after the British annexed Quebec. French surrendered and the English took control of New France.
The Treaty Of Paris 1763
The Seven Years' war ended in 1763 when the French and the English signed a peace treaty in Paris. The two countries returned some of the places they had captured from the other in the war. New France was not returned it remained a British colony. The French Empire came to an end in this part of North America.
The Beaut port shore
The Articles Capitulation
When the the French surrendered to the English the French governor, the Marquis de Vaudreuil presented general Amherst with a list of demands to protect the inhabitants of Quebec. There were two demands that they would not pledge allegiance without they were; The Roman Catholic religion must be allowed to continue without interference. The other one was that; Roman Catholic Officials must be allowed to do their duties as before.
The Expulsion Of The Acadians
In the end we learned lots about the battle in the plains of Abraham, the treaty of Paris, and the loss of Acadia. That's it for now thank you for listening.
Britain never paid much attention to Acadia. Britain wanted to know if the Acadians would betray them. The British tried to get the Acadians to agree on an oath of allegiance with the British King. But he didn't because he was a protestant of the English and the French Romans refused. The Acadians lived there for many generations and still wanted to live peacefully they didn't want to be ruled by british soldiers who harassed them for stupid reasons they felt insecure.
The Beaut port shore was a very important part of the British attack plan to take Quebec but Montcalm already knew Wolfe plan ahead of time and had put a strong defense there and because of that the French killed/wounded 440 of the British soldiers. Wolfe wanted to make Montcalm think he would attack their again.
Why is Quebec predominately French?
Here is a reenactment of How the British won!

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