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A hero's Journey- HOOK

No description

Nick Carter

on 20 June 2014

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Transcript of A hero's Journey- HOOK

A hero's Journey - HOOK
Ordinary World
Peter Panning is a high power attorney who has little time for his family. Panning is conveyed as an absent father; which pains his wife and family.
The call to adventure
Panning's children are kidnapped by Hook. Grandma Wendy reminds Panning of his former identity, Peter Pan.
Refusal of the call
Panning is reunited with Tinkerbell (Tink) and again denies his identity as Peter Pan. He also denies the existence of fairies.
Meeting with the Mentor
Tink is in the normal world to assist Panning with his journey. She is a source of strength and persistence.
Crossing the threshold
Tink drags Panning to Never Never Land while he is unconscious. Panning faces Hook and tries to reason with him. There is no reasoning with Hook.
Tests, Allies, and
Panning gains the respect and support of Rufio and the Lost boys. Ruf-i-o, Ruf-i-o, Ruf-i-ohhhh!
Rufio, the Lost Boys, and Tink help Panning transform into Peter Pan
"Must learn to fly, must learn to fight, must learn to crow."
The Ordeal
Now transformed, Pan fights Hook with help from the Lost Boys.
The Reward
Pan takes custody of his children, he also also won their hearts.
The Road Back
Hook threatens Pan, explaining he will never leave him alone. Hook is trying to break Pan down.
The Resurrection
Pan and Hook fight in the town square. Hook is smashed by the giant croc clock.
Return with The Elixir
Pan returns to the normal world with his children, now aware of how important they are to him. He vows to be a better father. Aw.
The End.
A presentation by Nick Carter
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