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Growing a records management program

No description

Jacqueline Kautzer

on 7 May 2014

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Transcript of Growing a records management program

Consistency Matters!
You have a plan to hold onto records - now what?
Make sure policies are visible and all employees are aware
Metadata is small pieces of data about our records
The best way to organize them in a universal manner
Use controlled vocabulary to help your records and yourself
Growing a records management program
Small Business Training presentation

Approaches to Records Management
The life cycle of your records
What does a good RIM program include?
policy and procedure development
inventory, appraisal, retention and disposition of records
active files management
inactive files management
vital records protection and disaster plan
RIM training for staff
Paper and Electronic Records
Vital vs. Permanent Records
How and where to store your records
storage facilities
records management software
Business Process Analysis
Analyzing your business process allows you to understand how you use records in the course of your daily business operations
Questions to ask during business process mapping:
What is my work flow?
Who is involved with every procedural step in my business?
How do I keep track of inventory and sales?
Where are my records accumulating?
Many purchase orders and records are born digital now to automate the process, which means less paperwork, greater control over vendors, and improved accountability for your business.

Records Retention
Records schedules let you know how long records must be retained
Create one through your internal and external policies
Helps you create policies and comply with legal processes

Keeping records is important for tangible and intangible reasons
...but so is getting rid of them, as storage is costly
Records Management is Ongoing
Records management is a cyclical process
Keeping track of records means adapting to meet new business process needs
You may work with new kinds of records in the future, especially as technology changes and your business grows:
new receipt system
social media site
online ordering

Records are proof of activity.
Records refer to any documents made in the course of business
Records matter because they help you be in compliance with the law and regulations.
Records are for you.
Records are also for your customers.
Remember: It's all up to the business's needs.
Make Records Work for You!
Records Management is more than just filing your paperwork!
As you can see from this training, records management affects all aspects of small business processes.
How can you make records work for you?
Records management is especially important when it comes to customer service.
Growing a strong records management program is crucial to growing a strong business
This training will then help you implement a program that works best for your business
Records Management Solutions, Inc. is available for all of your potential records needs
Scenario: Which of these are records?
A customer comes to you and requests a copy of a basic sales receipt from 2 years ago. You aren't sure if you keep receipts that long.
What do you tell her? Is she happy?
If you have a records schedule in place for receipts, is this easier to handle?
Scenario: A Vendor Database
Sort by "C"
Without controlled vocabulary:
Coffee Bean
Coffee Bean, Co.
Coffee Bean Company
Coffee Bean, Inc.
The Coffee Bean Co.
With controlled vocabulary, a drop down menu or posted list gives you:

The Coffee Bean Co.
Scenario: Tornado Strike!
You rely on a local bakery to supply your coffee shop with fresh pastries every day.
Scenario: Bakery Delivery
Scenario: The Repeat Customer
How can good records management help you keep your customers happy?
If a customer places a catering order, and then wants to repeat the order exactly a few weeks later, will you be able to help her?
What kinds of records does this business process require?
How can you use records management skills to improve this interaction?
Who is involved in this transaction?
Scenario: Keeping Receipts
What is Records Management?
D. Tax Return
Answer: All of the above!
A. Employee Payroll
B. Sales Receipt
C. Inventory List
E. Health Code Certification
Oh no! A rogue tornado just blew through College Park and severely damaged your coffee shop! Fortunately you were prepared and have stored some of your records in an off site facility outside of College Park.
Now you need to begin to find insurance policies and lease information about your shop in order to begin the recovery process. What kind of records would those files be and how long would you keep them for?
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