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Curating Stories with Linked Open Data

An example of how you might make connections between people, objects, places, and collections, beginning and ending with John Singer Sargent

Georgina Goodlander

on 20 February 2013

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Transcript of Curating Stories with Linked Open Data

John Singer Sargent
One possible path... National Portrait Gallery Sargent painted a portrait of James Whitcomb Riley Indianapolis Museum of Art Riley was photographed
by W. H. Potter National Portrait Gallery Riley was born on October 7, 1849, in the town of Greenfield, Indiana, the third of the six children of Reuben Andrew and Elizabeth Marine Riley. Wikipedia John William Vawter
was also born in Greenfield,
Indiana Wikipedia Vawter created this print
of a Sycamore tree Indianapolis Museum of Art Fiske Boyd also painted
a Sycamore tree Smithsonian American Art Museum And created this print
of a Streetscape Metropolitan Museum of Art Beulah R. Bettersworth also painted
a streetscape of Christopher Street in
Greenwich Village, NY Smithsonian American Art Museum The poet e e cummings
lived on Christopher Street Wikipedia National Portrait Gallery e e cummings met
Pablo Picasso while
in Paris Wikipedia Picasso was described by the New York Times: "at one moment a poet, at the next an inspired buffoon; tender and romantic to the point of sentimentality, intellectual to the point of frigidity; now a cynic, now a compassionate man; ebullient in one painting, despairing in another; exquisitely refined, and deliberately brutal." New York Times Picasso's work has been
reproduced on a necktie Metropolitan Museum of Art Adele Y. Schonbrun created this
necktie from porcelain Smithsonian American Art Museum Emma Beach Thayer painted this image of a Porcelain-White Spider Smithsonian American Art Museum Emma Beach Thayer
married Abbott Handerson Thayer Physical Details: Letter : 4 p. : handwritten ; 18 x 23 cm.

Sender: Abbott Handerson Thayer (1849-1921)

Recipient: Emma Beach

Description: Thayer writes with excitement to Beach about their upcoming marriage. Archives of American Art Abbott Handerson Thayer's
works were collected by
John Gellatly Smithsonian American Art Museum John Gellatly also collected
works by Winslow Homer,
Thomas Dewing, and John
Singer Sargent. Smithsonian American Art Museum This "Dish with Design of Maple Leaves and Spider Web" is also made from porcelain Metropolitan Museum of Art The IMA has this lithograph
of a school in Greenfield, Indiana Indianapolis Museum of Art National Portrait Gallery Metropolitan Museum of Art John Gellatly was painted
by Irving Wiles Riley is featured in the
Internet Movie Database
(IMDB) The Library of Congress
has a photograph of Riley Flickr users have photographed
Riley's memorial e e cummings has books
on Amazon People have made videos
about e e cummings on
YouTube There are several Tumblr
blogs devoted to e e cummings Many of e e cummings'
poems have been
digitized The Encyclopedia of Life
has information on the
American Sycamore The National Museum of
Natural History has several
samples of American Sycamore
(Platanus occidentalis) American Sycamore (Platanus
occidentalis) is represented in
the USDA's database of plants Spiders (order Araneae) are air-breathing arthropods that have eight legs and chelicerae with fangs that inject venom. Wikipedia There are many movies about
spiders on the Internet Movie
Database (IMDB) Spiders are characters in the
video game, Minecraft Childe Hassam painted scenes
of Paris Crystal Bridges Museum e e cummings traveled
to Paris in the 1920s
and 1930s Crystal Bridges Museum
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