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Sales and Events Strategy Plan for 2014

No description

on 23 February 2014

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Transcript of Sales and Events Strategy Plan for 2014

Sales and Events Strategy Plan for 2014
To plan for the future we must review the past
August 2012

The party team was first expanded to now be made up of two sales and events coordinators

20/08/12 - 18/08/13 compared to 22/08/11 - 19/08/12 Party Report

Party People
How do we increase our Confirmed Party People?

Make more out of our guest list, particularly on nights with events

Introduce time restrictions on Saturday table bookings, e.g. day time table reservations/party bookings could be informed they have the table for 'x' amount of time so the table can be re-booked for another minimum spend requirement

Encourage societies to communicate when they will be visiting and to reserve an area
May 2013 - Peak Pricing was introduced
Pre-booked Revenue: +22.70%
(FY 2012/13 £274,990; FY 2013/14 £337,476.27)

Bookings with PBR: +36.5%
(FY 2012/13 54.5%; FY 2013/14 74.4%)

Confirmed Parties: +23%
(FY 2012/13 1,842; FY 2013/14 2,266)

Confirmed Party People: +1.3%
(FY 2012/13 31,904; FY 2013/14 32,324)

July 2013 - a primarily outbound roll was introduced
Periods 1 - 4
Period 1:
LFL £24,110.55
TARGET £29,000.00
PBR £31,165.68

% Variance to target: 14.3%
% Variance to LFL:

Period 2:
LFL £16,926.80
TARGET £20,311.20
PBR £25,849.31

% Variance to target: 32%
% Variance to LFL:

Period 3:
LFL £31,856.75
TARGET £35,000.00
PBR £37,912.95

% Variance to target: 8.3%
% Variance to LFL:

Period 4:
LFL £19,835.57
TARGET £27,000.00
PBR £30,317.68

% Variance to target: 14.1%
% Variance to LFL:

Period 6 - how is it looking?
So why are we doing so well with PBR?
Party team highly skilled at inbound activity

Great Party Feedback, particularly NPS in P6 FY 2013 as a result of great communication, preparation and execution

Building relationships with local businesses & developing golden contacts throughout the year

Outbound activity has been successful for the P6, with approx. £30k of our tracking being directly booked or the product of outbound activity

Figures as of 11.11.13:
So....we are pretty DAMN good at the Party Business!
Relatively new but proving successful with main focus on Christmas

January - June the focus must become more general; it will become about creating those contacts (NETWORKING), letting them know what we do and getting them in throughout the year
Hosting our own Networking Events
Speaking to Chambers of Commerce about hosting some of
their networking sessions
Sending out flyers/posters to local companies, e.g. Mega Mondays, Lunch Offers, Happy Hour
What else could we be promoting other than central events?
Previous central activity: Headstart, Friday Club - these worked well but gradually became more of a giveaway, with customers coming for their free drink and leaving

Future of Friday's 5-9:

Needs to be differentiated from the other week nights; it needs to be given it's own identity, a brand - music planned and thought out; hosted

Open LH - bar feel, chilled out, music at a volume for customers to relax & chat; table service; set bar tenders to create the familiar feeling

PAY DAY FRIDAYS - make ourselves the place to be - run mini events: competitions, samples much like with Friday Club, entertainment, free table reservations for office/work bookings
How do we promote these things and ourselves?
Taking advantage of our digital assets:

Power text - sending out welcome flyers to new contacts, event flyers

Facebook - competitions, regular communication to create an online identity - CONTENT ROADMAP - focus on engagement!
Society page - student friendly tone, e.g. "Feeling worse for ware after Rich and Famous, then why not come down for 50% off food!"; promote specific deals and make our sponsorship more interactive, e.g. run a competition involving having to come down to site
Reviewing minimum spends & introducing packages, inc. corporate packages
NEW TARGETS: Footfall, bar booked:
encouraging table bookings throughout the week
all bookings input into party pro - ensuring staff are trained in information required (inquiry forms available on bar floor if S&E staff are busy)
attempt to answer ALL calls:
make sure all managers & supervisors know brand standards
party information communicated to management (e.g. min spends) with information summary (Party Bible) located near every phone
one person assigned to calls in the absence of a S&E manager or co-ordinator
Reviewing time slots - e.g. is there any point in calling people 5-6? so we can make the most of our time
Train additional staff, e.g. Holly, as a S&E Assistant to develop the team

Taking advantage of courses available to Inventive Leisure staff:
S&E Assistants & Co-ordinators to attend Winning Business Sales Training; Marketing & Digital Marketing; Coverdale; & Stocklink
S&E Manager to attend Coaching and Engaged Teams

Training staff members in PARTY - develop 5 steps of party hosting, for example:

1) Set up - making sure you have everything you need
2) Greeting - introducing yourself with your name = personal
3) Service - check backs, up-sell
4) Hospitality - table talking, photo opportunity, something extra special
5) Farewell - encourage feedback - incentive to run for 'x' amount of personal mentions
NPS - Feedback
Ensuring we have correct email address for all feedback emails, e.g. ask agencies for the email address of booker to increase feedback responses
Encourage feedback on site - particularly by the party host, e.g. Masterclass host, waitress/waiter on a table booking
Encourage feedback after - get in contact with any large bookings & all Saturday bookings to encourage them to provide us with feedback through the online system
Make sure all staff know the importance of & are trained in hospitality - incentive for hospitality story of the week
Christmas 2014 - how can we make it bigger & better?
Review of all sales activity: outbound, POS display dates, showcase

Review of 2013 Christmas Party Execution & feedback

Take photographs of the different party bookings this year to illustrate what we have to offer

Rebooker deal to be agreed & communicated in January
keep in touch with key bookers throughout the year - January bounce-back offers, Friday's & events, e.g. menu launches
So how will we do all of this to make sure we smash 2014?
Pay Day Fridays

Make the most out of:

calendar events, e.g. Valentines Day, May Day - forward thinking, planned ahead of time to promote multiple events together

Staff involvement
Get Brands involved

our societies - e.g. YU Fashion - charity fashion show, which would not only generate revenue but provide us with a chance to advertise ourselves

ENGAGEMENT - active communication through numerous media outlets & understand which work best with each society - e.g. facebook, text, email
INVOLVEMENT - competitions; encouraging bookings through higher engagement levels; Networking with them - Party Revolution Style

Giving them more - developing an 02 priority moments style events - tickets available to societies before general release
Any questions?
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