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Should boys and girls attend the same school?

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abby jamison

on 17 February 2014

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Transcript of Should boys and girls attend the same school?

Should boys and girls attend the same school?
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Boys and girls should definitely attend the same school!
So in conclusion boys and girls should almost always attend school together.
Opposing Side
*Being in school together can cause distractions among boys and girls.
* Kids can see each other outside of school
First Reason
Co-ed schools provide real life situations.
Second Reason
co-ed schools help cut back on social drama.
* Helps social skills
* Helps future marraiges
* Helps communication skills
* Many students have friends of the other gender
* By splitting genders up, students might start to assume things
Last Reason
Separating boys from girls in school would counteract the 20th century feminist movement.
* would promote the ivy-league schools that only allow boys
* womens equal rights in work and school
* MLK Jr. would want equal rights for ALL individuals, not just African Americans.
"We must learn to live together as brothers or parish together as fools." -Martin Luther King Jr.
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