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The New Deal

No description

Vanessa Perez

on 5 February 2013

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Transcript of The New Deal

Chapter 22 The New Deal
1932-1941 FDR Offers Relief & Recovery The Second New Deal Effects of the New Deal Women Help Lead the New Deal Culture of the 1930s Movies and Radio captivate Americans Who is FDR?
Harvard graduate
New York State senator
Assistant Secretary of the Navy
1920 Nominee for Vice President
Polio survivor
Governor of New York Won the 1932 presidency by more than 7 million votes!
Lost his use of legs in 1921
Relied heavily on wife Eleanor Roosevelt
Her uncle was Theodore Roosevelt
She is FDR's distant cousin. First New Deal
Three goals:
reform. National Recovery Administration (NRA)
How did the New Deal attempt to address the problems of the depression? ` Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) Reform
Federal Deposit Insurance (FDIC) Achievements of the First Hundred Days
Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) Wagner Act
Right for employees to join labor unions
collective bargaining- employers could negotiate with unions about hours, wages and other working conditions.
Fair Labor Standards Act
Minimum wage
Max workweek (44 hours)
outlawed child labor Recovery How did the New Deal attempt to address the problems of the Depression? African Americans Face Challenges
Some New Deal measures unintentionally hurt African Americans.
• Farm subsidies led landowners to evict sharecroppers.
• African Americans often did not receive equal wages.
• Domestic and farm workers, occupations that employed many African Americans, were exempted from New Deal programs. The New Deal Affects Native Americans The Role of Government Expands
Becomes THE government
Accused of being Socialist
Becomes responsible for the welfare of all Americans The New Deal gave women an opportunity to increase their influence.
Eleanor Roosevelt
inspired many women
in her leadership role
during the New Deal.

• Transformed the role of First
Lady from ceremonial to political activist
• Traveled widely
• Campaigned for FDR
• Offered policy advice
• Wrote a newspaper column FDR's Effect on the Presidency

Increased power of the President and the Executive Branch
Made mass media, such as radio, an essential tool in advertising and promoting policies
Expanded role of the President in managing the economy
Expanded role of the President in developing social policy
Won third and fourth terms, leading to passage of the Twenty-second Amendment, which limited Presidents to two consecutive terms.
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