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No description

Tori Thurman

on 17 April 2015

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Transcript of TWERP

The theme is to be your own person and don't follow what people say if you know it is a bad idea.
Exposition: Julian Twerski who is a 12 year old boy, Mr.Selkirk which is their English teacher, Lonnie who is Julians best friend, Danley Dimmel who was the boy Julian didnt want to bully, Jillan was the new girl who entered the school, Eduardo is Jillan's adoptive brother from Guatemala.
Rising Action: Is when Julian gets suspended from school because of bullying.
Climax: Writing all the horrible things he has done wrong starting with the pigeons of Ponzoni.
Falling action: Is when he has the story Danley Dimmel to tell.
Resolution: As he finally gets done with the story of everything he has done wrong in his life and ends up getting closure.
By:Tori Thurman
The Ponzini Parking lot
Track and field Day
His school in New york
The biggest confession in the book is what happened to Danley Dimmel
The conflict in the story is how much trouble Julian gets into for following his friend Lonnie. Another conflict is the thing that happens to Danley Dimmel.
Julian Twerski who is a 12 year old boy who has done some pretty terrible things. To get out of a Shakespeare project on Julius Caeser he has to write about all the bad things he has done including the thing with Danley Dimmel. You go through the journey with him as he fills up 9 notebooks by the end of 6th grade.
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