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Muhammad Aliff Husna Hasnan

on 15 December 2014

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Transcript of INTRODUCTION

Offer something that would gave him advantage over the other competitors
Good customer service
Persistent Focus on Customer well-being and satisfaction
Serve a high quality food
Hygienic Environment
Well-trained employees
Case Study: Abou Shakra Restaurant: Creating Customer
Value The Old-Fashioned Way

Abou Shakra Restaurant was first establish in year 1947 profounded by Ahmed Abou Shakra himself.
The first restaurant was located in El Kasr El Einy, one of the famous central district in Cairo.
This restaurant is well known for its charcoal cooking and offer variety of oriental traditional dishes for instance grill meat, kebab and kofta.
After 67 years of establishment, only 12 outlets operating throughout the Egypt.
Abou Shakra in terms of the value it provides for customers?????
Should not. Why??

Do Abou Shakra should develop high-growth strategy?
SHOULD. Why?????
Should Abou Shakra spend more on advertising than is currently
Outlets - Franchise
Outstanding service to customers
Situated at correct locations
Supply fresh ingredients daily
Long term
Value in other ways
Supplies company's dailly meat and vegetables
Keeps menu simple
Hygenic Environment
Well-trained Employees
They only take care of customers
They provide high quality and services only
Food and Service Survey at Ar-Rawsha
The legacy of Abou Shakra will continue, with consumer tastes changing and moving toward nontraditional cuisine???????????
It WILL.. Why???
1) Employees
-Trained Correctly
-Provide benefits and good working environment
2) New Department
3) Maintain the original famous food
Other methods by which Abou Shakra can provide value to its customers????? hmmmmmm
"Pricing Down and Quantity Up"
"Come on STUDENTS!"
Provide what customer's need (relevant)
Delivery Service
Package "From The Up to The Bottom"
Free dessert day!
Everyday is Special Day!

any questions mates???
Izzat Rafiq bin Mohamad Mastam
Siti Najihah binti Natjman

Muhammad Aliff Husna bin Hasnan
MKT501: Marketing Management
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