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Writing an Essay

No description

Greg Eichler

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Writing an Essay

Writing an essay for grades 9-12 Writing an essay will require eight steps...
Body(3 paragraphs)
1. It is smart to search the internet
or even better to use scholarly
sources to find useful information
2. Be careful to not steal anybody's
ideas and if you do use something
off a website that it is cited in a works
cited page Brainstorming
1. The best way to brainstorm
is put your pencil on the paper
and dont pick it up, writing down
all topic ideas you may have
2. Brainstorming can be done in
a web format or you can simply
sit in idle and just think!
1. When the sufficient research
has been found, it is important to
analyze the evidence and develop
a solid argument.
2. Any good teacher will always focus
on the argument and how it relates
to your topic, this is where that happens.
1. The best way to organize how you
will make your argument is an outline.
2. An outline will not only help the
argument it will make writing the essay
3. This will improve the actual structure of
the argument Thesis
1. A thesis should be your best
or the main idea of the essay.
2. This may be the most important part
of the essay as no good essay will have a bad thesis.
3. Again, this is the central focus of your argument. Introduction
1. The introduction ideally wants to be brief
yet give the reader a good idea of what is
about to be read.
2. This should also be a paragraph that will
pull the reader in and make the paper sound very
interesting. Body
Point 1
Point 2
Point 3
This is the meat of your essay. Conclusion
1. This is the ending paragraph
of your essay.
2. To finish a great essay, it is
important to leave the reader
with something to think about! And if you take these steps...
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