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The Water Chain

No description


on 27 August 2014

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Transcript of The Water Chain

yes it can start at any stage because if it starts in evaporation water will go to condensation and keep going .Also because it can also start on runoff and go down to to groundwater and keep going.The water cycle has no starting point that's why it can start on any stage.There is no ending or starting point in the water cycle.
fun facts about the water cycle
People use to much water and it becomes a drought.If changes because alot of people don't check if there are leaks.Water is changing pretty much everday.We collected information from the internet sepretly.Then we combined our work and created this.Then we added information to have enough work to create a power point.
We learned that without groundwater stage we wouldn't have an ocean.Whithout one stage all the other stages will be off balance. If we don't have evaporation we won't have rain because we need ocean water to evaporate to the the clouds.Whithout condensation there wouldn't be any rain to make condesationl
What would happen without one part of the water cycle
The Water Chain
can the water cycle begin at any stage
water has three different staes, liquid solid and gas.The water cylcle could
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