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History Timeline

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carly evatz

on 1 February 2013

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Transcript of History Timeline

Carly Evatz
Maggie Greenan Timeline of Inventions 1866 Invention of Dynamite
By:Alfred Nobel 1902 1903 Helenborg, Sweden The invention of dynamite helped production of railroad when carving through mountains It was easier to manage that nitroglycerin but more powerful than black powder. Invention of the Traffic Light
By: JP Knight London, England (near Parliament) When the traffic light was first invented, a police officer would use the hank crank to use it. when it was cranked it would tell the horses or cars when to stop or go. The traffic light helped stop accidents in the busy intersection near Parliament and in places all over. 1868 The Invention of the Air Conditioner
By: Willis Carrier Brooklyn, New York The air conditioner was invented for use in a printing plant. The air conditioner was used to make four color printing possible. The first air conditioner was bulky, loud and gave out chemicals. As the years went by air conditioners became safer and more popular especially in public places. Invention of the gas motored and manned airplane
By: Orville and Wilbur Wright Dayton, Ohio 1867 First modern and practical typewriter is invented.
By: Christopher Sholes The typewriter affected society by giving the average person the ability to use type to write something without a printing press. Typing letters and other short documents became easy. The typewriter also lead to the invention of the computer, which today's society could not live without. Milwaukee, Wisconsin 1891 Escalator is invented.
By: Jesse W. Reno Brooklyn, New York The escalator provided an easy, stress-free way to climb stairs. Escalator made it easy for people to move at their own pace up or down in public places like subways and department stores. It also removed the risk of the stairs getting blocked by slow people or getting knocked over by someone running up the stairs. 1899 The motor-driven vacuum cleaner is patented.
By: John Thurman St. Louis, Missouri The invention of the motor-powered vacuum cleaner helped society by providing a simple, easy way to clean effectively. The vacuum also removed more dirt and germs than other cleaners of the time, such as brooms. 1904 The tractor is invented.
By: Benjamin Holt Clayton County, Ohio Stainless steel is invented.
By: Henry Brearly Sheffield, UK Stainless steel does not rust, corrode or stain. It is very strong and easy to clean. Stainless steel can be used for almost anything requiring metal. Stainless steel is made by adding several new elements to steel, including chromium. Society benefited greatly from the invention of the tractor. It made plowing faster and easier, and reduced the need for animals like horses. The Invention of the Neon Lamp
By: Georges Cluade Paris, France The neon lamp was invented by Georges Claude, or,"The Edison of France". He figured out how to purify oxygen in a glass tube and control the electrical charge to make the lamp glow, 1910 The 1903 glider was the first fully controlled aircraft.TheWright Brothers were awarded a patent for the "Flying Machine" in 1906 and after that many people used the Wright Bothers ideas to continue making airplanes. 1903 8N HISTORY
Jan. 31,2013
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