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All about orla

everyting you ever wanted to know about orla

Louise Conn

on 12 October 2013

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Transcript of All about orla

All About Me
By Orla
My name is Orla. I am 10. I have one brother and three sisters. Michelle, Niamh, Louise and Declan.
In my spare time, I like drawing picture
of random stuff.
I also like listening to silly songs.
I like the most is sunny day when dad makes a BBQ.
I really like club penguin.
It is an online game.
I got a old phone off my sister Niamh.
It has lots of funny pics
I have one grandparent still alive.
That is Michael Colgan. My granny Colgan was called Patrica Colgan. Granda is 80 coming
in July. He lives in a bungalow. He had five brother
and one sister. My great great granny was from Dublin. She was called Jane Doyle. My great granny was called Alice Colgan. Alice got married to a man named James Colagan
My Mum is called Eithna
She got married to Joseph Christy
We unsally bake together. We bake
buns and cakes. Mum make the best
Chicken Curry
The Christy Family
Hugh Christy was my Granda on my dad's
side of the family. Huge got married to a
woman named Rose.
I have one pet.
It is a cat.
The cats
name is
I go to Altishane Primary school. My
teachers are Miss Downey and
Mrs Comwell they teach KS2. Mrs Kerlin teaches KS1.
My best Friend is Grainne
My other friends are Louise,
Dearbhla, Ingrid, Nulua and
When I was younger I had a little
Teddy. It was a panda so I called it Po. ;)
I live in a two story
house. It is peble dash.
The house used to be
grey but then we painted it
My Dad is Joseph Christy.
He Likes to help his brother
Gerard down in the farm.
Dad has six sisters and two
My favourite animal is a
On Wednesdays I sometime go to Irish dancing .
On Saturday I go to Gaelic training. My sister is my coach.
I love ice cream.
I have nearly every time
I can get it. I have it on
cold days and warm days.
I like dogs.
My favorite breed
of dog is a dacshund
Baby Panda
Baby Penguin's
I also like penguins and pandas.
I have broken my finger and arm.
I had crutches for my leg when it got very
Last year for our hoilday
we went to Galway. This
year we're going to Bundoran
I like to read a little.
I mustly like Michael Morpurgo's
books and Rolad Daul books.
My fovourite Michael Morpurgo book is
King of Could Forest and my fovourite
Rolad Daul book is The BFG.
on Saturday I would get up tidy and get ready
for gealic
I like chocolate very very much.
I love milk chocolate.
My favourite singers are Olly Murs and
Fun.(Fun is singing)
my favourite food is Chicken
curry and rice
I don't like pink or being bored.
For Christmas last year I got
a lot of art stuff. I got Bendaroos, sand art stained glass
art, lego and 3ds games.
At school we do many
topics like egyptians, living thing
The End!!
Last year for our holiday
we went to Galway. This year
we're going to bundoran.
We're staying in a apartment
with its own pool.
colour: black
famous person: Robert Downe. Jr
Song: Train
Hobbies: Reading, writing
Subject: English
Place: Grandpa's house
Cartoon: Buggs Bunny
program : Revenge
Movie: Harry Potter Half blood Prince
Books: Prince of wolves, The mediator series
Gone series, Percy Jackson, Hunger games
Trilogy, Highest society, Vampire Academy,
Morganville Vampires, Wicked Lovely,
Twilight, Hush Hush, Finding sky, To kill a mocking
bird, Love and State, Sea Breeze series, Jet, Rule,
Harry Potter, You against Me, Scorpico Race,
Ashes, red Riding hood, The forbidden Game.
I like honeycomb
I love vanilla
Book:Lord of the ring

I dont like Bubblegum
Ice cream.
I love chocolate
ice cream.
I don't like Strawberry
Ice cream.
I love mint Ice-cream
Some Nights is my fave song that s the song playing
My favourite subject
is Art.
I like maths.
so cute
I have two cameras
I like tea on
cold days.
I like going
to the movies.
I like fires when it's
a freezing day and
the fires lit
I am good at art
I don't like insects
go onto my pezi
Best friends forever
There are
in the school
in the school
Im singin and I know it
and i really really like it
woooooooooooo! yeah!
THe end!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The end!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I like animals.
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