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Middle Colonies

No description

Cookie Dough

on 9 May 2014

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Transcript of Middle Colonies

Middle Colonies
From New York to Delaware, the middle of the New England Colonies.

North- New England Colonies
South-Southern Colonies
West-New France
East-Atlantic Ocean
New York
New Jersey
Peter Minuit bought Manhattan Island from the Manhates Indians. he named the island New Amsterdam.
English ships sailed off to attack New Amsterdam.
New Amsterdam didn't like their govenor Peter Stuyvesant so when the English ships attack the people didn't wan tot fight so they just surrenedered.
West Jersey+East Jersey=NewJersey
James the Duke of York gave land to John Berkeley and George Carteret. They split the land into two pieces. They named them West Jersey and East Jersey. In 1702, they combined the two lands into one to make New Jersey.
The Wish
William Penn had a wish that the Quakers could be free to worship in their own way. One day it came true! King Charles II gave Penn a large piece of land of land in the Middle Colonies.
Peter Minuit
Major People
Peter Minuit was the Director of the Dutch colony. He bought Manhattan Island from the Native Americans by giving them valued goods.

Great soil (Fertile Soil) brought down from glaciers Melting (come from New England Colonies). The New England colonies had worse weather then the Middle Coloines.
Why Created
Good farming
Transportation they had the water ways
William Penn
Peter Stuyvesant
James Duke of York
Ben Franklin
Peter Stuyvesant became govenor of New Netherland.
He was a harsh man and he made laws that angered colonists. When the English ships sailed to New Netherland, the colonists didn't want to fight so they surrendered. The Dutch colony became an English colony.

William Penn hoped to start a colony where Christians could live in peace. One day that wish came true. King Charles II gave Penn a large piece of land in the Middle Colonies. He called it "Pennsylvania" which means "Penn' s Woods."

James the Duke of York was given a large piece of land by his brother, the king of England. He became the English settlements 's proprietor. A proprietor was a person who owned and controlled all the land in a colony. Soon he renamed New Netherland to New York.
Benjamin Franklin published a newspaper called "Poor Richard' s Almanack. He helped start the first public library, fire company, and hospital in Philadeelphia. He invented a wood stove, a clock, and other useful things.
He became famous because of his inventions.
There were many different languages/cultures (18)
They brought over families from North America to farm for the Dutch
The firsts settlement was a fur trading post
NY/NJ Farmers
Was hard for the farmers to control there faraway land so, they desited to have a govenor in the colonies to role them.
They had the first election. the pro prietors also, allowed coloniest to elect to an assembly. Representative is some one who is chosen to speak and act for others.
Free Religion
( Hope you enjoyed our Prezi)
Quakers belived that all Christians should be free to worship in their own ways.
William Penn and many other Quakers were put in jail for ther beliefs.
The Pennsylvania assembly however had more power it could approve or reject laws that the govornor and his council suggested.
A treaty is an official agreement between nations or groups and William Penns fairness helped Pennsylvania colonist and Native Americans live together peacefully for many years.
(For money)
A artisan is a person who is skilled at making something by hand, like silver spoons or wooden chairs.
A laborer is a person who does physical work. That person usualy works on a farm.
Shipping and Trade
Philadelphia and New York were the two largest and most important cities in the Middle Colonies. They both had ports and both were in the center of shipping and trade.
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