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Red River Settlement Struggle Timeline

The top twenty events of the Red River Colony Struggle.

George Lertzman-Lepofsky

on 1 February 2013

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Transcript of Red River Settlement Struggle Timeline

Red River Colony Timeline 1810- Métis community thrives in the Red River Valley. 1812- Founding of the Selkirk Settlement in the Red River Valley 1814- Macdonell feared he wouldn't have enough food for the winter, so he issued the Pemmican Proclamation. It effectively banned the sale and export of pemmican from the Red River. 1817- After the Battle of the Seven Oaks, Selkirk made a treaty with the Cree and Ojibwa Nations to gain possession of the Red River Valley. 1821- Hudson's Bay Company and North West Company merge to form the HBC 1869- After the HBC sold Rupert's Land, Louis Riel organized the angry Métis, together they wrote the Métis List of Rights. These outlined what the rebellious Métis wanted both for themselves and for the Red River Colony. 1870- The execution of Thomas Scott by Louis Riel. Scott was later viewed as a martyr by the Orange Order. Meanwhile, Manitoba enters Confederation. 1780- Smallpox outbreak in Hudson's Bay, many of the much needed guides and mappers die. 1851- A small Métis hunting party was attacked by 1000-2000 Sioux warriors. After three days of hard fighting, the Métis won. 1811- Selkirk convinced the HBC to give him 300,000km^2 of land, dubbed "Selkirk's Grant." 1816- Métis led by Cuthbert Grant raided HBC boats on the Assiniboine, they were raiding for Pemmican. 1825- Montreal fur partners from the original North West Company had all sold their shares back to the HBC. 1820- George Simpson was named the new head of the Hudson's Bay Company. He was a Scottish sugar broker with no knowledge of furs, but the company thrived under his strict rule. 1840- Métis started fighting for the right to trade furs. 1860- Many Canadians were looking for new areas to settle and farm. Also, more crop failures contribute to unease in Red River Valley. 1868- Canadians started surveying the Red River Valley for new townships. 1870- Louis Riel, the young leader of the Métis fled the area, fearing his life was in danger. 1821- After the Merge of the HBC and the NWC, there was a 40 year period of relative peace in the RRC. The colony included the Métis, Scottish, Swiss, and country-born colonists. 1869- Control of Rupert's Land transferred to Canadian Government. This more than doubles Canada's land area. 1869- The actions of the land surveyors and speculators raised the tension in the Red River Settlement. The Métis were very angry that HBC sold what they viewed as their land. This and further pressures eventually led to the Red River Rebellion.
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