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Animal Cruelty

No description

Janie Overland

on 14 April 2015

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Transcript of Animal Cruelty

Animal Cruelty- Pitch Presentation
My Reason
What am I doing?
Animal Cruelty
Animal cruelty is a huge issue in society.
How can people be so cruel to an something that is so similar to them?
Animals are similar to humans in emotions, culture, lanuguage and so much more (10 Human Attributes Found in Animals, Listverse).
Examples of Animals Cruelty
2.7 million animals are euthinized in shelters every year (Pet Statistics, ASPCA).
Factory farming involves:
animals never seeing the sun, being fed drugs and much more (What is a Factory Farm, ASPC
My Objective
The Plan
First step: sketch drawing of people and animals in circle of unity holding hands: check
Second step: obtain all supplies (next slide)
Third Step: write rough draft of free verse poem explaining the art: check
Fourth Step: Paint!
Fifth Step: Add (with Sharpie) poem in middle
Sixth Step: Place art in public eye
large canvases
acrylic paints
The end!
Janie Overland
Detail 1
Detail 2
Detail 3
Examples of Animal Cruelty, Cont.
Need: spread the word of the injustice to animals with art.
Art speaks to all, and has its own language.
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