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all about kimari

No description

Computer Applications

on 27 February 2014

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Transcript of all about kimari

Thank You!
my favorite food

barbeque chicken
fried chicken

my favorite shows
bad girls club
being mary jane
abby lee dance company
steve wilkos
two can play that game
big daddy
snake onna plane

my favorite music artists
nicki minaj
lil durk
my most memorable moment
when i was inna 7th grade and ms.ngram was my favorite
my favorite movies
all about kimari
my favorite desert
butter pecan ice cream
strawberry shortcake
gummy worms
lemon cake from safeway
if i were a shoe i would be ...
i would be a timberland b/c people can were them in the ran snow and summer
if i were a musical instrument ...
i would be a drum because i will make loud noise and stand out in the band
if i were a bird..
i would be a red robin because people will say i am very pretty
if i were a insect
i will be a butterfly because the butterfly are real pretty.
if i were a flower
i would be a dasiy because i like how they is shaped
if i were a animal
i would be a cheetah because a cheetah is very fast
if i were a car
i would be a limo because famous people ride i limos
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