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Twin Tower Conspiracy By Feliciano Juarez and Felix Medina

No description

Feliciano Juarez

on 18 March 2013

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Transcript of Twin Tower Conspiracy By Feliciano Juarez and Felix Medina

Template by Missing Link
Images from Shutterstock.com Some people believe that inside traders knew of the attack due to what some people bought,they also believe that they profitted from the tragedy. The documentary "Loose Change" states that the hijackers are alive due to cirumstances that their passports survived the explosion that the towers did not. Most popular conspiracy theory of the Twin Towers is believed that the twin towers destruction was a controlled demolition rather than the impact and fire destroying it.They believe they used thermite to destroy the twin towers,and used the airplanes to cover the destruction true intent of the government. I think that the conspiracy of the twin towers being a controlled demolition is false because it would make no sense for the government to do something as big as that and to kill many civilians in the process and try to cover it up by saying that terroist did it,and the twin towers at one point the government spent tons of money on to just let it go and say we'll build a new one. Another conspiracy is that they believe the Air Force was told to stand down because they believe that the North American Aerospace Defense Command could've prepared jets to intervene with the attacks of the airplanes. It could be true that the air force was told to stand down but there probably are reasons like the fact they had passengers inside the plane which could have been a reason for the air force to stand down and the fact that crashing a airplane above a city could endanger other civilains due to debris and rubble of the plane flying down. I think if there was someone to escape they would probably die due to the fall or if they did jump with a paruchute rubble from the towers would fall on the person as they parachuted and probably knock them out of the air I think that if traders did know about the 9/11 bombing ahead of time then the government probably knew as well because if it was a legal inside trader he would have been able to spread rumors of the items bought which would allow the government to catch wind and predict the happenings of 9/11 Survey Support the following questions with information from the text.

1.What do you think actually think happened to the Twin Towers?

2.Do you think the Air Force stood down for no reason or do you think that they had reasons specific to the circumstances?

3.Do you think that the AIr Force could've done anything in order to prevent the happenings of 9/11 without endagering civilians life,if so explain.

4.Do you think that the traders could've done anything to prevent the happenings of 9/11?

5.Do you think anyone could've survived the crash into the twin towers under any circumstances,if so how? Twin Tower Conspiracy Conspiracy What I believe
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