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The Six Program Emphases of AHG

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Karin St

on 7 April 2013

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Transcript of The Six Program Emphases of AHG

Fostering -- honoring is an integral part
of the AHG program and, like badge work,
is meant to be
progressive in nature. All Charter Organizations, Adult Members and Adult Volunteers
must agree to AHG's Program Emphases of The 6 Spiritual Development Life Skills Enhancement Girl Leadership Developing Teamwork & Building Confidence Character Development Social Development one Triune God Statement of Faith including: called to live a life of purity, service, stewardship and integrity called to love the Lord our God
with all our heart, mind, soul and strength ministry of the Holy Spirit each person is created in God's image Holy Scriptures (OT/NT) are the inspired and authoritative Word of God Girl Members are required to agree to AHG's Statement of Faith, but do need to agree to live by the : not I promise to love God, cherish my family,
honor my country,
and serve in my community. AHG Oath Heritage
The Arts
Family Living
Outdoor Skills
Personal Well-Being
Science & Technology Six Badge Frontiers And they encourage the girls
to earn badges (i.e. strengthen life skills)
in each of the : fun Many girls think that earning badges is just for ... But those sneaky leaders,
they know badge work is a great way to introduce girls
to a variety of ! life skills Furthermore, leaders should keep in mind the Ministry Values of AHG AHG is designed
to protect the innocence of children. 
Media of all types
must be chosen with purity,
age appropriateness,
and God’s glorification
in mind. AHG’s program is
developmentally appropriate and
does not intend to “hurry” a child in mastery
but to enjoy the process
and learn along the way. 
The program is progressive in nature,
encouraging each girl
to become competent
in a manner which encourages development but does not rush it. AHG believes that
a leader can only lead others
to a stronger relationship with Christ
if the leader is also
maturing in relationship with Christ,
as evidenced by
godly attitudes,
and personal spiritual growth. AHG believes that one’s service
to the AHG ministry
should be of excellence
and befitting our Lord. AHG believes that strategic alliances
are important and vital
to the success of the ministry.
With this in mind,
alliances must be carefully chosen
and must be reflective of
the Mission,
the Statement of Faith
and the values found in the AHG creed. AHG believes that --
through a longevity of experience, consistency in messaging,
and a modeling of Christ’s love
through the AHG program --
the culture can be countered,
raising up godly  women leaders
for the coming generations. AHG believes that
each person is created in God's image
and desires to commune with Him
and seek His will for their life. 
The vocation that God has revealed
to each person
is of great merit,
despite societal messaging,
for we are not of this world
but in this world.  Each person is a child of God
and made in His image. 
Each person is to be treated
respectfully and fairly,
whether they are a Christian or not. 
The dignity of each girl and volunteer
must be maintained
despite the person's background,
past experiences or socioeconomic group.  AHG believes that financial stewardship
and organizational integrity
is of utmost concern and a direct reflection
of Christ through His ministry. 
AHG believes in the importance of godly governance and encourages transparency
with the work of its directors. Special Events
Creating Community
AHG Health and Safety Guidelines consulted when planning social activities Social Development Just as Life Skills Enhancement
is meant to take place at all levels,
so too --
from Pathfinders to Patriots! character development Events should be Girl Leadership progressive And like badge work,
leadership responsibilities are meant to be
in nature. Pathfinders Tenderhearts Explorers Pioneers lead their peers by modeling appropriate group behavior.
be the activity leader, with help from a parent.
hand out craft supplies or help clean up.
take part in the flag ceremony. As they advance through the program levels, Even though they are the youngest, can: , & are given
more and more responsibilities... , ...so that by the time they are Patriots , they can: do their own badge work as a unit.
be a Squad Leader and/or Troop Leader-In-Training.
plan troop events and service projects.
earn their Stars & Stripes award.
...and much, much more! Each AHG troop meeting teamwork confidence-building & includes opportunities for through such activities as: being part of the color guard presenting to peers about badge work done at home working together on a project during unit time the of AHG is even more and outdoor programming than troop meetings! essential effective pitch an 8-man tent build a campfire brainstorm solutions discuss who will bring what to the next camp-out ...after 3 hours of rain ...in high wind ...while a furry four-legged friend makes itself comfortable in the outhouse also counts as Character Development! And yet, in this area, unfamiliar to many girls today. For one thing, the outdoors are A girl builds confidence when, for the first time ever, she: completes finds a builds a fire far away from family sleeps under the stars, a long hike geo-caching treasure Furthermore, the outdoors are uncontrollable and the wildlife will do what they want. ; the weather A girl develops teamwork when she works with the others to: ...as they sit there,
eating their bun-less hotdogs
and their chocolate-less s'mores ) ** to unforeseen problems challenging, Be sure to check the Health and Safety Guidelines for specific activity guidelines and procedures! not dangerous! Leaders, remember! In addition to all that happening while in the great outdoors, through two other program elements: it also is encompassed in the AHG service patriotism and . Service Older girls are encouraged to grow in their understanding of and commitment to service. They will no longer be able to rely on the troop service events alone to earn enough hours for a service star each year. Rather, they will have to look for opportunities in their community.
The hope is that this will begin a
lifetime love of service to others. Older girls are also encouraged to distinguish what service truly is. For example, an 8-hour "youth service day" doesn't really count as 8 hours of service if 1 hour was spent eating lunch and playing frisbee, 1 hour was spent in a water fight at the end of the day, and multiple 15 minutes segments were spent chatting with friends. patriotism our country and defending the principles
on which it was founded -- is done throughout the AHG program as well, via Heritage Frontier badges, Flag Code training, service to veterans,
and more. , and and is emphasized creed oath mission Building women of integrity through service to God, family, community and country. I promise to love God, cherish my family,
honor my country, and serve in my community. As an American Heritage Girls, I promise to be: Compassionate
Perseverant Pure
Responsible and
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