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The Entertainer and the DYBBUK

No description

Jaylan Robinson

on 15 May 2015

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Transcript of The Entertainer and the DYBBUK

The Entertainer and the DYBBUK
My Thoughts
My thoughts on the book The entertainer and the Dybbuk is that the Dybbuk Avron Amos,Since he is possessing the "professor" so basically whenever the "professor" says no to someothing whenever the time comes. He just takes over and this is stated many times in the book.
Dybbuk name is Avron Amos,Amos possessed the ventriloquist A.K.A the "professor" becuase he wanted revenge on the person who killed him who happened to be a S.S Officer during the Holocaust
What is a Dybbuk
Why this relates to SS
The book is related to a Social Studies standard because in social studies we learned about the holocaust and how th holocaust and a lasting big imapct on Europe as we know it.
By: Jaylan Robinson
Information about the book
A dybbuk is a jewish soul/demon who can't be happy wihout getting revenge or ending soething they didn't have the courage to do when they were alive.
Thank You for WATCHING QUITELY!! NOW!??!?!? Anyone Have Any Questions.
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