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the green sea turtle (adaptations)

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Poppi Gregory

on 1 May 2013

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Transcript of the green sea turtle (adaptations)

Green Sea Turtles Habitat

Green Sea turtles live in mainly tropical and temperate oceans in Australia mainly the Great Barrier Reef . When the turtle grows larger it will live in coastal waters. Behavioral adaptations

Green sea turtles, lay their eggs in a hole (which they dig) in the golden sand, not that far away from the sea shore.They leave their eggs to hatch while they run back to the ocean! The babies are left to be independent for themselves and they have to survive on their own!! It is important that the turtles reproduce so that the species of the Green sea turtles do not become extinct. The diet

Green Sea turtles eat: Jelly fish, crustaceans, fish and they also eat old sponges found laying around the sea shore. The threats to Green Sea Turtles are: the pollution of plastic bags to the reef, as they mistake them for jelly fish!The sea turtle eats it and sadly will pass away , as the plastic bag gets caught in it's throat!! Humans can help keeping green sea turtles alive by taking their own eco friendly bags to the shopping center to decrease the pollution of plastic bags to the Reef!! thank you for
watching I had a great time doing this project because it was fun and educational! The physical and structural adaptations of the Green Sea Turtles are:

.All Green Sea Turtles have a hard, solid shell that sits on their back.
.When Sea Turtles are spotted by their predators they will hide in their shell, Turtles are very shy creatures.
.Sea Turtles have large paddles that are placed at the front of their body, that help them to swim. Structural and physical adaptations are when the animal has a unique body part which helps it to survive. Behavioural adaptations
are when an animal will have breeding seasons and migrate to a different country to have their young, or where the climate is more preferred to them. Fact:
Female green sea turtles lay about
one hundred eggs at a time, but only about five or six of them make it back to the ocean before sunrise. now sit back and relax video: Green Sea Turtles hatching
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