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The Mann Gulch Disaster

No description

Stanley Wong

on 7 April 2014

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Transcript of The Mann Gulch Disaster

What Rules of Thumb Seem Relevant in these kinds of Situations?
What did you Learn from this Case that would Help You Advise Other Organizations?
Today we've talked about...
- The tragedy of the Mann Gulch Disaster
- The use of conceptual blockbusters
- Problem solving under time pressure
- Applying knowledge from this case to real life organizations and the everyday workplace
-Always lead from the front
-Look at the big picture
-Understanding your role and repsonsibilty
The Mann Gulch Disaster
Definitions of Mann Gulch
Summary of Mann Gulch
Video Breather
Case Questions + Learning Points
Summary of Points
Check your Understanding
Smoke Jumpers - A forest firefighter who parachutes to locations otherwise difficult to reach

Mann Gulch - A deep V-Shaped valley in a forest in Montana, United States

Summary Of Mann Gulch
History + Routine
Unexpected Aug 5-10, 1949
Man VS Wild
Cut off route = Uphill
3000 acres/10mins
Leadership problems
Definitions of Mann Gulch
Summary of Mann Gulch
Video Breather
Case Questions + Learning Points
Summary of Points
Check your Understanding
What Conceptual Blocks were Experience by the Smoke Jumpers?
Defining the problem
Generate alternative solutions
Evaluate and select an alternative
Implement and follow up on the solution
What Steps in Analytical Problem Solving were Skipped by the Crew?
How do Problem-Solving Processes Change under Time Pressures?
Knowing about Problem Solving, What Would You Suggest To Help Avoid such Disasters in the Future?
What Kinds of Conceptual Blockbusters Could Have Been Useful?
What Can You Expect To Take Away?
Identify how effective team leaders prepare with stress
Identify how team leadership failures can make a difference
Identify techniques of effective team leaders when leading in times of stress
Identify 6 characteristics of effective teams
When you Give a Mouse a Cookie..
Forced to react rather than to think
Panic button "That was easy - Staples"
Consequences After
Lie down in burned area VS Outrun a wild fire
No thinking nor asking was involved!
4 C's:
vertical thinking
one thinking language
stereotyping based on past experience
ignoring commonalities
distinguishing figure from ground
artificial constraints
-Never underestimate competition
-Evaluate all possible outcomes
-Constantly think of new alternatives
-Put yourself in competitors shoes

Defined leadership

Yarell Hill Fire
Arizona 2013
19 Firefighters killed
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