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Spanish Club Ideas

No description

Graciela Lopez

on 27 July 2013

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Transcript of Spanish Club Ideas

Spanish Club Ideas
The reason I made this presentation:
This is a compilation of my ideas for Spanish Club this year.
Regular Meeting with a special presentation the first week on each month
To have members of the club or the community come in to give presentations. We will find teachers or local people who can make presentations about their experience with the Spanish language.
They can be in Spanish about anything (invite each member to bring his or her special interests to the club but in Spanish, chess or tennis or dancing or music for example) or about Spanish culture in either language, as long as all members understand it and can gain from it.

Movie Night the second week of each month
We can choose the movie the week before during the regular meeting after the presentation.
I think we should have subtitles for the less fluent speakers because they should feel comfortable regardless of how much Spanish they may or may not know.
We can invest in snacks, like chips & salsa to go along with the movie. Maybe small pieces of Hispanic candy or popcorn.

Regular Meeting with a special activity the third week of each month
Scavenger hunt with rules in Spanish & other games in Spanish (ex. Simon Says)
Read Spanish poetry out loud or dissect music lyrics (possibly even poetry and lyrics written by our own members in Spanish)
Spanish Music Karaoke
Arts and crafts (ex. Dia del Muerto skulls)
Sketches in Spanish

Restaurant Dinners the fourth week of each month
Try a different Hispanic Restaurant each time and then renew our favorites
Only having this once a month allows for more members to come & the more members there, the better because can become closer as a group
A great way to end the month

by Grace Lopez, Spanish Club President
Book Club Idea
We had this idea last year but no one actually went through with it.
I think that instead of books, it should be short stories because members read at different paces and have varying amount of time to read material outside of class.
One story per month and we can discuss them during the dinners.
Food and conversation are a good combination.

1.Introduction of Club Mission Statement & goals
2.Introduction of Executive Board
3.Getting to know everyone Ice-breaker in Spanish
4.Introduction of Info (meeting times, activities, etc.)

Possible Agenda for the first meeting:
Working with Others
We can work with Puro Teatro to make sketches and try improv in Spanish.
We can have another Special Activity Third Week be with Ritmo where they come to teach us dance moves.
I will work closely this fall with Centro Hispano so I should be able to get more Hispanic involvement, which we lacked, because it is helpful to have considering so many members are not native speakers and do not know a lot of the culture behind the language.
Last comments:
I am excited about being the Spanish Club president this year. I think we'll have a great year and our biggest priority is to have active member involvement. The last meeting last semester only had five people in attendance and I think we can turn this club into something we can all be proud of.
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