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Ulysses Butterfly :)

No description

sarina catalano

on 16 August 2013

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Transcript of Ulysses Butterfly :)

Ulysses Butterfly
(Papillio ulysses)
By: Sarina Catalano
Ulysses Butterfly
The Ulysses Butterfly ( Papillio ulysses ), which is also known as the Blue Mountain butterfly/Blue Mountain Swallowtail is a large swallowtail butterfly. Ulysses is an Roman name for the Greek hero, Odysseus. Luckily for the species they are currently not endangered. It has been threatened before for habitat destruction but luckily the Pink Flowered Dough-wood has been planted which has increased the numbers of the species. The Ulysses butterfly has a wingspan of about 12 - 14cm, but it variates in size depending on their species. The upper-side of their wings are an electric blue and the underside is a colour between black and brown. Many males are attracted to blue objects which are sometimes mistaken for women.
Location & Habitat
The Ulysses butterfly is mainly spotted in tropical areas like Northern Queensland, Northern islands of Australia and Papua New Guinea. It is also found in rainforest areas like the Moluccas, Bismark Archipelago, Indonesia and Northwestern Solomons.
Their casual habitat are in tropical rainforests and suburban gardens.
The Ulysses butterfly mainly feeds on Nectar which is produced by the Pink Flowered Doughwood ( Melicope elleryana ). It also feeds on other plants of the Pink Flowered Doughwood variety, such as silver ash, glasswood, kerosene wood and a variety of citrus plants.
Pink Flowered Doughwood
Citrus plants
The Ulysses butterfly is classified under a insect. It comes from the family Papilliondae and it also comes from the species of Papillio ulysses.


Ooops nearly forgot......
Thanks for watching :)
BY: Sarina Catalano :)
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