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The Chronicles Of Vladimir Tod

No description

on 6 December 2013

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Transcript of The Chronicles Of Vladimir Tod

The Chronicles Of Vladimir Tod
By: Heather Brewer
Prezi By: Brett Reinke
Block: 4

: Vladimir or Vlad, is the main character in this book. Vlad is vampire and he thinks he is the only vampire left.
Otis Otis
: Otis is Vladimir's English teacher and his uncle.
: D'Ablo is the bad guy in the book that Vladimir doesn't know about until towards the end of the book.
: Henry is Vlads Best friend and all the girls in there school are crushing on Henry.
: Nelly is Vladimir's Aunt. After Vlad's mom and dad died 3 years ago, he has always lived with her. Nelly is Vlad's moms close friend.
Tomas Tod
: Tomas is Vladimir's dad and he dies from a fire. They have no idea how it happened.
Mellina Tod:
Mellina is Vladimir's mother and she dies also in the fire. And again they have no idea how the fire started.

Vladimir Tod is in 8Th grade and is the only vampire in his whole school. Vlad thinks that there are no more vampires in the whole world, he thinks that he is the last one. Only Henry, Vlad's best friend, knows that he is a vampire. He found out because one time when they were 8, Vlad bit Henry on the arm. After he bit him on the arm, Vlad has been able to read Henry's thoughts. Just recently, their English teacher Mr. Craig is finally claimed to be missing and. Mr. Otis, or Otis Otis, is the substitute English teacher until Mr. Craig is found. Mr. Otis has his students right a paper about a mythological creature, and Vlad has to right about vampires. He is not sure about it at first, but then he is happy because he gets to tell everyone about being a vampire without telling everyone his big secret.
Rising Action
He also tells Vlad that he is his uncle, and Vlad doesn't believe it at first. Mr. Otis was Tomas Tod's half brother.
Falling Action
After Vlad reads his paper to the class and turns it in to Mr. Otis, he rights at the bottom oh his paper "I know your secret Vladimir. I know that your a vampire." Vlad goes home after school right away to tell Nelly what happened today. Nelly wants to get things settled to she invites Otis over for dinner. Wile they are talking, Otis tells Vlad that he is his uncle, and Mr. Otis was Tomas Tod's half brother.

At the beginning of the book, he is running away from this animal and has no idea what it is, then he sees that it is a vampire who wont stop asking him "WHERE IS HE?? WHERE IS THE BOY? WHERE IS VLADIMIR TOD??" After he asked him, the vampire killed him. Then later in the book, Mr Craig is found dead. D'Ablo killed Mr. Craig.
The setting of the book is everywere bit it is mostly at school, at aunt Nellies house
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