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Early Exploration

Crusades, Vikings, Columbus

Jessica Oxendine

on 1 February 2015

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Transcript of Early Exploration

Early Exploration
Asia (India & China)
Europeans LOVED Asian goods- especially spices and silk. These were goods that the Europeans did not have back home. There was a great demand (want) for them in Europe making these items very valuable, however, it was very difficult to make the trip from Europe to Asia and back again.
Around 1000 AD, Vikings Erik the Red and his son Leif left Scandinavia to establish a colony in Newfoundland. They named it Vinland, but the natives fought the Vikings and forced them to return to Scandinavia.
This is where Vinland was located.
A Crazy Italian
Christopher Columbus was originally from Italy. He loved studying
(the practice of planning and mapping to get ships from one place to another). He knew Europeans needed goods from Asia, but the trip was too difficult. He came up with the idea to sail west to reach the East. The only problem was convincing people to support his ideas.
Royal Help
Columbus asked the king and queen of Spain (Ferdinand & Isabella) for money to pay for his trip. They agreed and gave him 3 ships- the Nina, the Pinta, & the Santa Maria.
Columbus left Spain August 1492 in hopes to reach India or Asia
Painting of King Ferdinand & Queen Isabella with Columbus
Voyage of Columbus
August 1492- October 12, 1492
Santa Maria

A Whole New World?
Columbus believed that he had reached India while in reality he was in North America- specifically the Bahamas. When the natives met Columbus, he called them "Indians".
Columbus made a total of 4 trips to the "New World". He died believing that he had reached the East by sailing west. He never set foot on modern day United States.
The Royal Reaction
King Ferdinand & Queen Isabella realized that Columbus had found a new land mass. He had not successfully achieved his goal, BUT the king & queen were quite pleased with this "new world" because they believed in
which means more land equals more power. Spain believed they would become the MOST powerful country in the world, but will other European countries allow this to happen?
Columbus arriving in the Caribbean
A Quick Review
Why did Europeans want to go to Asia?
Why was is so difficult to get there?
Portugal Leads Exploration
Prince Henry the Navigator wanted to explore the world, but couldn't since he was royalty.
He started a navigational school which taught people how to read maps and learn to sail.
Bartolomeu Dias
Was a student of Prince Henry's school. Believed he could reach India by sailing around the tip of Africa. In 1487 he led an expedition to reach India, but only made it to the tip of South Africa.
Vasco da Gama
He was a Portuguese explorer who was determined to complete what Dias did not. In 1497, da Gama was the 1st European to reach India by boat. He successfully rounded the tip of South Africa.
New Technology
During the Crusades, Europeans were introduced to new tools to help in exploration.
Compass- tells you what direction you are traveling
Astrolabe- tells you where you are on the globe based on latitude
Caravel- a ship with triangular sails
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