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What is this API Economy?

No description

David Vise

on 30 April 2015

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Transcript of What is this API Economy?

API Management Community
The API Economy supply chain
Whats changed?
The way we reach customers is evolving
A path to new business opportunities
Something to think about....
Real world outcomes of API usage.
It's not just mobile...
API's are across industries
Industry API examples
Who gets paid?
API Supply Chain
APIs are a path to new business opportunities
The old lines of business engagement is diminishing.

Business change is rapid due to more competition.

Customer is more savvy/informed and demanding.
How much more of this rapid change can we take?
Telecash API
A mobile money service from Telecel. Subscribers can conduct money transactions with their mobile phone. The TeleCash API enables the validation of credit cards, the storing of credit card data in the TeleCash DataStorage, and the creation of credit card payments.
StrategYard is an investment strategy trial service that allows individuals to test and evaluate potential investment strategies in a simulated environment. The site allows users to work create, test, and delete multiple strategies, see performance metrics and charts, and automate trading strategies.
Trading Economics API
Provides its users with access to economic data for 196 countries including historical data for more than 300.000 economic indicators, exchange rates, stock market indexes, government bond yields and commodity prices. The Trading Economics API allows users to make calls to get a list of countries, get a list of indicators, get a matrix of countries, get indicators by country, and get indicators by category.
Price My Loan API
Serves the mortgage lending industry by providing loan pricing and underwriting services online as a service. The PriceMyLoan API allows users to integrate the mortgage processing service into third party applications.
Tipalti API
Is a mass payment service. Tipalti allows businesses to pay out vendors, employees, and others globally via multiple methods from ACH to PayPal to wire transfer. The Tipalti API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Tipalti with other applications.
BankImport API
Provides users with a single place to track their financials over several accounts from different banks. The BankImport API allows developers to automatize the processing of incoming and outgoing money, providing direct access to transactions, bank accounts, and settings.
IBAN Calculator
Can convert a national account number into an IBAN, validate an IBAN, and find bank information for an IBAN. These functions are useful when performing cross-border online transactions in Europe, validating account numbers, etc. Also, in the event of a fraudulent money transfer, the police can use an IBAN find out about the bank involved and its location.
Census Reporter API
Google Civic Information
National Terrorism Advisory API
Accessing and making sense of U.S. Census data. Information is divided into categories, and users can search for information by topic or keyword. Each data point comes with context to show how it fits into the larger picture of its state and country. Census Reporter offers visualizations of its data in the form of maps and charts.
An API to match any address to its correct legislative districts. Available legislative districts include local council districts in more than 100 cities and state and national districts in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, New Zealand, and Australia. Also returns maps of each district and information about each elected official. Can also provide non-legislative district matching for census data, counties, school districts, watersheds and police districts.
Allows developers to access civic information including polling place, early vote location, candidate data, and election official information for use in third party applications. The API data available currently focuses on election related information.
Able to deliver alerts as discreet XML files or as an XML feed. Alerts contain structured data fields such as summary and details, location or region, duration, how to help, etc.
Taulia is a supply chain management and vendor service that allows users to integrate supplier data into current workflow solutions, send e-invoices and business documents, and build discounting capabilities. The API also enables users to get lists of recently created or updated documents, perform analysis of invoices and request early payment, programmatically access all of the Taulia Vendor Portal functions, and connect with messaging systems to stay in contact with customers and suppliers.
ShopStyle allows client applications to retrieve the underlying data for all the basic elements of the ShopStyle website, including products, brands, retailers, and categories.
Pennock Floral is a wholesale supplier of flowers, floral containers, and other specialty items that sells exclusively to retail outlets. They have locations all along the east coast of the U.S. The Pennock API allows users to retrieve information on the availability of specific products, including their cost, quantity, and description.
WishClouds is a social shopping app that lets people know when products go on sale or change prices. The WishClouds API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of WishClouds with other applications and to create new applications. Some example API methods include retrieving lists of retailers, retrieving products by lists or categories, and managing account information.
Call Screening API
Offline Geolocation
Recharge My API
StreamWide provides carrier-grade Value Added Services (VAS) to mobile service providers. One of these services is Call Screening, which allows users to filter calls using acceptance and denial lists, time-based filters, behavior-based filters, delays on incoming or outgoing communications, and more.
Allows cellphones to derive a location without being connected to the internet or data networks. The service is designed as a failover system when a user has no Internet connection, due to roaming or coverage issues, and GPS has not been turned on, or is not available indoors.
An online mobile recharging, bill payment, and eCommerce platform. Users can pay bills, manage payments, and recharge their mobile phone airtime and data. The Recharge My API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Recharge My with other applications.
Progressive SuperCREWS
Agencyport Turnstyle
Insured Rating
Insured rating enables users to develop a rate plan reflecting risk levels posed by prospective customers. Quote requests can then be made via the Insured Rating API which return coverage and premium information. The data generated helps to manage insurance product offerings and provide accurate rate quotes matched to determinants of risk.
Progressive provides information comparing the rates of other major insurance companies to its own. The SuperCREWS API provides programmatic access to this information in a string or in ticker format. Users can input criteria such as age, gender, marital status, state of residence, and type of car and then receive their unique insurance rate comparison information.
Agencyport provides for extraction of data from ACORD-compliant forms used in the insurance industry for serialization as XML. It aims to integrate form data and form-based processes into efficient XML-based workflows to transfer data to point-of-sale, customer relationship management (CRM), and other backoffice systems. This process is intended to replace manual rekeying and sequestration of data in emailed ACORD forms, PDF files, and other inaccessible formats.
API Success has numerous inputs
Key IBM partner in the API Management space that have advised many clients recently on best practices of API exposure and management.
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