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Cameron & Keith

No description

lib hist

on 26 October 2016

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Transcript of Cameron & Keith

Peter Minuit
Colonial history brief
The new york colony was one of the richest colonies because there colony was built and bought with a large amount of money.New york opened many trade routes for the other colonies by opening the new york harbor.The new york colony earned money through trade trading things like fur,fur coats crops,wood,and slaves.over all the newyor colony was a great colony for the natives to live in along with settlers from England.
Types of economy
The economy was based on trade between the west indies. The primary exports where wheat, breads and flour produced from small farms in new york.
types of people living in colony
In the new york colony there was several types of people living there.
Reasons Founded
It was founded by the dutch and was founded for trade and furs and became an English colony in 1664
Cameron & Keith
New york colony
Types of religion
There was no dominate religion in colonial new york but the europeans ought over Christianity
A man by the name of Peter Minuit found it for money reasons looking for trade between other colonies
lived from 1580 to 1638
Purchased Manhattan from native americans
the port of new york was ideal for trade because it offered better access to the Atlantic ocean for trade on sea routes
Colonial brief history
New york was named in honor of the duke york and Albany,England to whom the territory was granted on its conquest from its first settlers, The Dutch.
The enterprise was successful,and more voyagers succeeded.
In the new york colony there was men who cut down trees,hunters who hunted and skinned the animals they killed,men who shipped things of to other colonies, and there was farmers who raised crops and live stock
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