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2012 Corvette

All about my dream car:the 2012 corvette

Mackenzie Shirley

on 25 October 2012

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Transcript of 2012 Corvette

2012 Corvette By:Mackenzie Shirley Sales Tax $50,500 Cost given X.06 Sales Tax You take Total Cost With Tax You take $ 50,500 Cost Given + $3,030 Tax 10% Down Payment You take $ 53,530 Total with Tax X .10 Percent Loan Amount Needed $53,530 Total with Tax You Take - $ 5, 353 Down Payment $3,030 = Tax $ 53,530 = Total with Tax $ 5,353 = Down Payment $ 48,177 = Loan Needed Monthly Payment 4 years=48 months Cost Given $50,500 Monthly Payment For 4 Years 48 $48,177 $1,003.69 # of Payments Loan with Interest Monthly Payment Total amount of money paid for my 2012 Corvette $50,585.85 + $15,353 $55,938.85 Loan w/ interest Down Payment Total Cost I first saw it going to my softball game in Johnstown. There I was going down the street and I saw the most beautiful thing in the world .... A BLOOD RED {my favorite color} 2012 CORVETTE! I melted right where I was in its mighty awesomeness.
If I were to ever get this car, it would have to be blood red or gold since red and gold are my favorite colors. It would also have to have a bluetooth. Then I can talk to family and friends without having to hold a phone so I won't wreck this amazing car. It would also need to have a Sirius XM radio so I can listen to music as I drive. Also, this car would need to have four-wheel drive so I can drive through the snow without difficulty. The Corvette would need to have head lights that are bright so I can see up to forty feet ahead of me. The license plate would say "I <3 My Doodle." One of the most important things would be heated and cooled black leather seats. With all of these accessories, this car would absolutely look and be cool! Thanks For Watching! Hopefully My Dream Will Come True.
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