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Coordinate Plane

No description

on 4 December 2013

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Transcript of Coordinate Plane

Coordinate Grid & Plotting Points
The Coordinate Plane
What does it look like and why do we need it?
Pilots & Navigators
Any job that navigates anywhere uses a coordinate plane to help it find their location and distance to their destination.
An engineer needs the coordinate plane to calculate where a machine or structure needs to be reinforced.

X & Y Axis
X-Axis: The horizontal (left to right) axis of the graph.

Y-Axis: The vertical (up and down) axis of the graph.
Who uses Coordinate Planes/Grids?
Can you name jobs that you think uses this area of math?
Triple L
Let's Look, Listen & Learn :)
Economists and accountants use business models, they use graphs to show past, present, and future data.

The Coordinate Plane/Grid:

A plane (2D surface) containing

2 perpendicular axes (x and y) intersecting at a point called the origin (0,0).

The Origin is the point of intersection of the x and y axis on a coordinate plane.

Quadrants - Any quarter of a plane divided by an x and y axis.
There are 4 quadrants on a coordinate plane.

A pair of numbers where order is important, often
used to indicate a point on a coordinate plane/grid.
The first # is the horizontal position, and the second # is the vertical position. (x,y)

Ordered Pair
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