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759 Store

No description

Cyrus Chan

on 15 November 2013

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Transcript of 759 Store

Interim Presentation
Investigation Process
Target Customers
Demographic segment (Gender, Age)
Young women (aged from 18 to 35 years old)
There are 950,000 people in Hong Kong

Characteristics of the Target Customers
Their Thoughts of 759 Store
SWOT Analysis
Perceptual Map
Background of 759 Store
Established on 7 July 2010
152 outlets in Hong Kong
Aimed to
give desirable service to local
Hong Kong residents
provide customers with a much
comprehensive range of products to select which to
increase the variety of products all over the world
Principles and Practices of Public Relations and Advertising (Section 63)

Name: CHAN Ching Man, Charlie (12640824)
CHAN Chun Sing, Cyrus (12640883)
LAI Kwan Hang, Kantian (12656526)
LI Wing Yan, Anna (12646679)
WONG Lok Yin, Audrey (12663077)

Their Perceptions
Their Needs and Wants
1. Large connection with foreign good suppliers stable supply
of goods
2. High flow rate of selling goods high demand of goods from
suppliers the greater number of purchasing goods lower
cost for the goods
3. Large coverage size with geographic proximity get close
contact with general public
4. Effective promotion strategies Example: Membership and
Regularly Discount

1. May have unstable supply due to environmental
2. Less experienced in the market - short term building
relationship with local importers low bargaining

1. Increasing demand of frozen meat and convenience food and it
is the adaptation of 759 store new market ( frozen meat and
convenience food)
2. Phenomenon of Oligopoly people are seeking for another
option to purchase goods as they are unsatisfied with the
3. Changing lifestyles and increasing average incomes

Boostingthe demand for snack food in Hong Kong.

1. Fluctuation in Currency and exchange rate
2. Limitation for 759 store transition- constraints in rental
3. Fierce Competitors ( Parknshop ,Wellcome)which can lower 759
store’s profits, because competitors can entice consumers away
with superior products

Desire for the convenience of daily goods and food
Purchase high utility products
Prefer small and decent packages
Selling foreign goods with low price
Variety of products (e.g. food,
daily products)
A string of promotion sales
Have high sensitive of price / not brand loyal when a discount is offered by another brand
Generally receptive : Western food
They usually have the role of daughter, wife and mother

Always help their family to satisfy their needs
through buying the goods.

The supermarket chain that sell the cheap foreign goods
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