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a delicilous multi-faceted pastry

lauren mehalic

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Donuts

Different types History most popular Donuts Donuts have been around for centuries
archeologists have found fossilized fried cakes
with holes in them. Because of the inherent difficulty of deriving recipes from fossils, most historians begin discussions about doughnut history with the mid-19th century and the first recorded doughnut recipes At this time doughnuts were known as olykoeks, or oily cakes, and it's primarily the Dutch who are credited with taking sweet dough balls and frying them in pork fat In early colonial times, US. Dutch immigrants discovered fried cake. So, the story goes, a cow kicked a pot full of boiling oil over onto some pastry mix, thus inventing the golden brown delight. Around 1847, Elizibeth Gregory, a New England ship captain's mother, made a deep-fried dough that used her son's spice cargo of nutmeg, cinnimon, and lemon rind. She made the deep fried cakes for son Hansen and his crew so they could store the pastry on long voyages...and to help ward off scurvy and colds. Mrs. Gregory put hazel nuts or walnuts in the center, where the dough might not cook through, and called them doughnuts. Hansen always took credit for the hole in the doughnut. Some doughnut historians think that Hansen was a bit of a cheapskate and was just trying to save on food costs. Others say that he gave the doughnut its first hole when, in the middle of a terrible storm and in order to get both hands on the ships wheel, he crammed one of his mothers fried sensations onto one of the wooded spokes of the wheel. Yet another tale claims that he decided, after a visit from an angel, that the doughy center of the fried cakes had to go The first doughnut machine was invented in 1920, in New York City, by a man named Adolph Levitt, a refugee from czarist Russia. Levitt's doughnut machine was a huge hit causing doughnuts to spread like wildfire.
During World War II, Red Cross women, known as Doughnut Dollies passed out hot doughnuts to the hard fighting soldiers. facts Donuts around the world Israeli sufganiyot have become a traditional Hanukkah food in the recent era, as they are cooked in oil, associated with the holiday account of the miracle of the oil.

In Tunisia, a pastry similar to doughnuts are yo-yo's. They are very traditional and popular. They come in different versions both as balls and in shape of donuts.

In Australia, the doughnut is a popular snack food. Hot jam doughnuts, known simply as a jam doughnut in Australia are particularly popular

China and Taiwan
There are a few sweet doughtnut-style pastries that are more regional in nature. Cantonese cuisine features an oval shaped pastry called ngàuhleisōu "Ox-tongue pastry" due to its tongue-like shape.

In India, a savory, fried, ring-shaped snack called a vada is often referred to as a doughnut. The vada is made from dal, lentil or potato rather than wheat flour.

The Indonesian donat kentang is a potato doughnut, a ring-shaped fritter made from flour and mashed potatoes, coated in powder sugar or icing sugar.

In Japan, An-doughnut "bean paste doughnut" is widely available at bakeries.

Local doughnuts are called 'kichori', which are filled with minced meat (beef or chicken) and deep fried.

Czech Republic
There are Czech Republic "American" style doughnuts, but before they were solid shape and filled with jelly (strawberry or peach). The shape is similar to doughnuts in Germany or Poland. They are called Kobliha (Koblihy in plural). They may be filed with nougat or with vanilla custard. There are now many fillings; cut in half or non-filled knots with sugar and cinnamon on top.

In Lithuania, a kind of doughnut called spurgos is widely known. Sometimes spurgos are similar to Polish doughnuts, but some specific recipes, such as cottage cheese doughnuts were invented.

The type of donut is a traditional pastry called "rosquilla", made of fermented dough and which is usually fried or baked in an oven. They were purportedly introduced in Spain by the romans.

In Canada, the doughnut designs are similar to those in the United States. In certain parts of Canada, a jam filled doughnut is also referred to as a 'jambuster'.

Krispy Kreme is a chain of doughnut stores.
Its parent company is Krispy Kreme Doughnuts,
based in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, United States.

Krispy Kreme doughnuts are sold in supermarkets,
grocery stores, convenience stores, gas stations,
Wal-Mart and Target stores in the US

Dunkin' Donuts claims to be the "world's Biggest coffee and baked goods chain", serving 2.7 million customers per day at approximately 8,800 stores in 31 countries which includes approximately 6,400 Dunkin' Donuts locations throughout the USA. The Best Round Rock Donuts are based in Round Rock Texas
and have been acclaimed by the food network as
America's best donuts and Lauren Mehalic certainly agrees! Voodoo Donuts
Grape apre
raised doughnut with vanilla frosting and grape powder)

(raised doughnut covered with vanilla glaze and oreo cookies)

Arnold Palmer
(cake doughnut covered with lemon and tea powder)

(chocolate doughnut with vanilla frosting and strawberry quick powder)

Voodoo Doughnut
(voodoo doll doughnut)

Dirty Snowball
(chocolate cake doughnut covered with pink marshmallow glaze and surprise filling)

Apple Fritter
(apple/glaze/doughnut as big as your head)

The Memphis Mafia
(chocolate chips/banana/ peanutbutter/glaze big!)

Portland Creme
(raised doughnut filled with creme and covered in chocolate with two eyes)

Nyquil Glazed and pepto-bismol (currently on hold)

(thats right, vegan doughnuts! assorted flavors, come in and eat many)

bacon maple bars

and others some innapropriate for school.....
An eccentric donut shop in porland Oregon
famous for thier crazy donut creations Menu On one of his expeditions, Admiral Richard Byrd, a noted donut-lover, took along 100 barrels of donut flour, enough for two years' worth of donuts.

Some economists claim that you can judge the health of the economy by looking at the size of the hole in a donut. When times are good, more dough is used - hence, the hole is smaller.

The largest doughnut ever made was an American-style jelly doughnut weighing 1.7 tons (3739 lbs), which was 4.9 m (16 ft) in diameter and 40.6 (16in) high in the center. It was made in Utica, New York, USA on January 21, 1993

Legend has it that dunking donuts first became a trend when actress Mae Murray accidentally dropped a donut into her coffee while dining at Lindy's Deli on Broadway in New York City.

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the record for donut eating is held by a man named John Haight, who consumed 52 ounces of donuts (about 26 average donuts - or 20 Tom and Son's donuts) in just over six minutes in 1981.

Jelly doughnuts have fewer calories and less fat than plain ring ones, while a ring doughnut might weigh less, it has a greater surface area exposed to the oil than a round one.
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