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Women in Space

No description

Anna Leach

on 2 April 2012

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Transcript of Women in Space

Women in NASA Trouble at the start President Johnson-"Stop this now." President Kennedy-"sending a woman to do a man's job would not project the image of international strength." President Eisenhower--NASA should only use military test-pilots Social Norms Jerrie Cobb "America's first successful
female astronaut" Can women pass the astronaut selection test? Phase One: Physiological tests
75 physical tests Phase Two:Psychological and Psychiatric tests
Isolation tank--Cobb endured the test for 9 hours
and 40 minutes, a new record for men and women Phase Three: Final Test
Altitude chamber test
Electroencephalogram (EEG) test
"Dilbert Dunker" So what came of these tests? Dr. Lovelace wrote that women might be better
equipped for space than men.
Cobb was named a consultant to NASA
Cobb opened the door for 13 women to follow, named
the "Mercury 13" Congressional hearing: Cobb:
"Women were on the Mayflower and on the first wagon trains west, working alongside the men to forge new trails to new vistas. We ask that opportunity in the pioneering of space." John Glenn:
"...it gets back to the way our social order is organized really. It is just a fact. The men go off and fight the wars and fly the airplanes and come back and help design and build and test them. The fact that women are not in this field is a fact of our social order." Decision?
Program was left up to NASA Sally Ride First American women in space 1983, entered space for a six day mission Challenger space shuttle:
Ride operated the shuttle's remote controlled arm,
aiding in the launch of two communications satellites
Performed the first satellite deployment and retrieval
with the shuttle's robot arm
Pharmaceutical research
Ride returned for a second mission in 1984 "All adventures-especially into new territory-are scary, and there has always been an element of danger in space flight. I wanted to be an astronaut becasue I throught it would be a challenging opportunity. It was; it was also an experience I shall never forget." First few American women in space... Judith Arlene Resnik-second American woman in space.
deployed an extendable solar panel while in orbit Kathy Sullivan-third American woman in space
First American woman to perform a space walk Shannon Lucid
logged more continuous time in space than any other American astronaut
first American woman to live on Mir
first American woman to go into space five times
Lucid was also a working mother. Present Day Women well accepted in NASA program Currently four women are in space, the most ever. 54 women have flown in space. 2009 Astronaut candidate's class:
3 new women, in a class of nine The Future for Women Mars? Women are generally smaller and lighter
Women consume less, needing less supplies
Women tend to use a non-confrontational approach to solve problems
Women become bored at a slower rate than men
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