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Cayuga Elementary


Katie Regan

on 10 March 2015

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Transcript of Cayuga Elementary

The Issue
Cayuga Elementary
Transition to Common Core:
Common Planning Time
Adoption of Common Core Learning Standards create
a need for more uninterrupted instructional time
Cayuga Elementary School
Kindergarten to Third Grade

230 Students, 35 Staff Members

5% - Students are minority
7.7% Receive Special Education Services
6% Receive intensive AIS services in reading
Common Planning Time
With special thanks to:
Sheila LaDouce, Principal
Changes to master schedule to maximize the instructional time in Math and ELA
Uninterrupted blocks of time for ELA and Math
Daily recess time
Start time 9:15 am and end time 3:15 pm
Weekly computer literacy time
Built-in academic intervention support time
Race to the Top Funds
Common Core Math Modules
Increase Instructional Time
Adopt new math modules requires change in schedule and support services.
Meet CCLS in ELA but still maintaining various instructional practices.
Collaboration time
Positive and collegial
Added pressure of APPR
Added time for Professional Learning communities
Foster collaboration
Provides recess time
More scheduled time for non-core subjects
Create eight 40-minute blocks
Provide 80-minute math blocks
Provide 120-minute ELA block per day
Add daily recess time
Reduce lunch sessions
Five day schedule
Improve Schedule Efficiency
Data - ELA
Average instructional time - 100 min.
66% of teachers wanted more time
75% asked for 120 min. uninterrupted time
Data - Math
Average instructional time - 48 min.
75% teachers want more time
92% want at least 60 min. of uninterrupted time
0% - Teachers who currently have enough instructional time to provide support for struggling students in math.
Daily Lab Period
Data to Consider
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