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CPR Assignment: PART 5

By Diane Bedell

Diane Bedell

on 8 October 2012

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Transcript of CPR Assignment: PART 5

CPR Assignment:
Steps for Adults,
Children, and Infants By Diane Bedell CPR for Adults Summary Check for response. No response, call 911.

Do 30 chest compressions between the nipples in the center of the chest.

Open up the airway, pinch the nose, cover the mouth completely, and do 2 rescue breaths until the chest rises.

Repeat the 30 compressions and 2 breaths until help arrives. CPR For Children Summary CPR intended for children ages 1-8 is similar to that of adults.

Check for response. If there is no response and someone else is present, have the other person call 911.

Pump 30 times in the center of the chest.

Pinch the nose and completely cover the mouth, and blow twice until the chest rises.

Continue with 30 pumps and 2 rescue breaths for 2 minutes, or until help arrives. CPR For Infants Summary Check for a response from the baby, and check their breathing patterns. Have someone else call for help.

Open the airway, and check for breathing again.

Cover the baby’s nose and mouth with your mouth and give five initial rescue breaths.

•Pump 30 times below the nipple line with 2 fingers.

If there are no bystanders, take the baby and call 911.

Give two rescue breaths, and do 100 chest compressions a minute.

Repeat the process until help arrives. CPR For Adults Demonstration CPR For Children CPR For Infants
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