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King Charles I

No description

joanna g

on 10 March 2014

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Transcript of King Charles I

King Charles I
November 19th, 1600
King Charles I is
born at Dunfermline
Palace, Fife to King
James I and Anne of
November 6th, 1612
Charles brother
Henry dies, making
Charles the next heir
to the throne
March 2nd, 1619
Charles mother,
Anne of Denmark,
March 27th, 1625
James I dies, and
Charles becomes
King Charles I of
England and Scotland
May 1st, 1625
King Charles I
marries the catholic
princess Henrietta
Maria of France
June 7th, 1628
Petition of
is passed
by Parliament
Charles I dissolves parliament and
begins the period of personal rule
until 1640
The Petition of Right sets out specific rights of the subjects that the king is not allowed to infringe upon. It contains rules on non-Parliamentary taxation, forced billeting of soldiers, imprisonment without cause, and restricts the use of martial law.
Charles tries to force
new prayer book on
Scottish, who resist
by signing the
National Covenant
April 13th-May 5th, 1640
Charles summons the Short
which he dissolves three weeks later
when it refuses to grant him money.
November 3rd, 1640
Charles I summons Long
It lasts until 1660 and can only be
dissolved by its members.
May 29th, 1630
The first son of
Charles I is born,
Charles II
October 14th, 1633
The second son
of Charles I is
born, James II
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