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mission san antonio de padua

No description

jamie rambur

on 9 February 2014

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Transcript of mission san antonio de padua

This mission number is #3, and was founded on July 14, 1771 by Father Junipero Serra. It was named after St. Antonio, who was laid to rest in Padua, Italy,where he died. The location is at Mission Rd, Jolon, CA 93928
mission in the beginning
In the beginning, before the europeans arrived in the area we now think of California, the land was already populated by
many groups of American Indians. The indian tribe is the Neophytes, and the mission looked brown, red bumpy roof, has two crosses on the top, three trees, some bushes,grass, and gravel for the landscaping.
daily life on the mission
In the daily life of the indians they learned spanish and Christianity, they built the church, their homes, and gathered the crops. The padres watched the indians and helped with the farming. If the indians did something wrong, they would be punished. The special activities were, in 1775= a small church was built of adobe. In 1779= larger adobe church was built. In 1806= water powered grist mill was completed. In 1810-1813= larger church built on a 10 foot rock foundation. In 1882= Father Ambris died and the mission was abandoned.
The decline began in the 1800s. More indians were dying than being born. Freedom had been taken from them. In 1882 the mission was abandoned, the origanal tiles were stolen from the roof, and most of the walls crumbled. It was declined more than many of the other Californian missions. The Landmark League tried to fix up the mission, but a mighty earthquake destroyed it. It doesn't look very different from the beginning. My mission hasn't changed over time very much, so it looks the same as ever. It is still training some troops today.
interesting facts
I thought that it was interesting how it was declined more than any of the other missions, the roof tiles were stolen from the roof, and that an earthquake damaged the repair. It has not changed from its appearance.
I have 3 different resources:
en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mission_San_Antonio_de_Padua .............
www.athanasius.comcamission/padua.htm ...........................................................
www.megapaths.net/~ccirino/hvc/webpages/lafaille/missions/03sanantonio.html ........................
In conclusion, my mission is Mission San Antonio de Padua. I have researched this mission and this is the information I have gathered. I have had lots of fun doing this project and making this prezi.
mission san antonio de padua
San Antonio De Padua
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