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No description

Morgan McCourt

on 6 November 2014

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Transcript of LIONEL MESSI

Growing up
Starting As A Pro
Back in black
My Hero!!
Lionel Messi
Here he comes world! Lionel Messi is

He became a usual player for the La Liga team.

With a equal establishment of 14 goals in 26 games! That's not the norm.

For his next season he would bring the power!

Lionel escaped defenders, midfielders, and goalies.

It wasn't long before he was breaking records and slapping his name in world record books.

For example, he scored a hat trick(three goals in one game) where the game ended being a 3-3 draw.

His final position was left wing. Chosen by his coach.
Lionel Andrés Messi was born on June 24, 1987 in Rosario, Argentina.

Parents, Jorge Horacio Messi. A factory steel worker. And Celia Maria Cuccittini, who was a part time cleaner.

He had three older siblings. Rodrigo, Matias, and Maria Sol.

He grew up playing soccer for the Newel's Old Boys.

At age 11 he was diagnosed with growth hormone deficiency. Which made him much shorter then all of the other boys.

One day his parents got a letter from FC Barcelona. It would pay for his $900 medicine.

They met with the man and signed a contract on a napkin.
A Career of a Lifetime
His career began in 2003, with a contract with F.C. Barcelona.

He jumped levels starting as a Cadete B to Cadete A to Juvenile B to a Juvenile A to F.C. Barcelona C to Barcelona B.

Playing a total of 55 games with 64 goals! He
respectfully played and was admired by many fans.

On October 16, 2004 he was promoted to the La Liga team, the top people, at age 16 he was the youngest ever to play in La Liga.

And scored at the youngest age until 2007.
The season of 2005-2006 came with a bang. Lionel got his citizenship in September 26, 2005.

He officially began playing in the big leagues when he signed a paying
contract that lasted until June of 2014.

On September 27, 2005 Messi played his very first game against Udinesean Italian club. When he was substituted in he passed, moved, and created plays with Ranaldinho.

In 17 appearances Messi scored 6 goals.

On March 7, 2006 in an unfortunate game against Chelsea, Lionel tore his right thigh muscle in the second half. The team ended the year winning the Spanish and European league.
It begins
A Change in Numbers?
A sad departure of Ranaldinho was the
beginning of Messi's 2008-2009 season.

He intherited his number becoming 10 instead of 19.

Awards were second place in the 2008 FIFA World Player of the Year, and third place in the 2008 IFFHS World's Best Player Award for the second year in a row.

During the season of 2008. Lionel scored Barcelona's 5,ooo league goal.

They ended their season with a win against Real Madrid 6-2. Real Madrid's worst lost since 1930.
Two Years of Glory
The season of 2009-2010 began with a new
contract that lasted until 2016. Paying 9.5
million euros.

Awards: 2009 Ballon d'OR, 2009 Club World Cup, and FIFA World Player of the Year.

He finished the season with 47 goals and 11 assists, challenging Rolando's record from the 1996-1997.

2011-2012 began with The Champion's League game.

His 2 goals made him Barcelona's best goal scorer of all time.

In the Club World Cup final, he won a brace. However, he won a Golden ball for his amazing performance.

He finished with 79 goals and 21 assists!
The year of Lionel Messi the most popular man in the world.

He is now 25 years of age and has won more titles then anyone in the league.

He is only 5' 7", but that doesn't change him from being my hero.

Lionel Messi is my hero for all the challenges he has gone through to get where he is, and I believe that I can make it through it too.

If you would like to watch Messi, go to La Liga. A Soccer channel.
Here we go!
I mostly idolized Lionel Messi because of how he grew to greatness.
Unlike you and I, Messi began playing for money.
This gave him medicine, and he loved the game like many in the world.
The difference from him and the world was how he took the time to play instead of being lazy.
I think the thing that caught my eye about him was the way he pointed his finger to the sky every time he scored.
Well, I figured it was just thanking God.
Lionel is a holy man, he thanked God and a little boy who once died from his same disease as he was diagnosed with.
The little boy was only 10, he loved the game.
Messi believes that that boy watches over him.
Notes From the Author
By: Morgan McCourt
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