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Copy of Mahabharata Family Tree

No description

Ravi Avva

on 15 March 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Mahabharata Family Tree

King Santanu and Satyavati
Family Tree and Relations Niyoga is an ancient Hindu tradition in which a woman (whose husband is either incapable of fatherhood or has died without having a child) would request and appoint a person for helping her bear a child. Pandu Satyavati Devavrata Vyasa King Santanu King Vichitravirya
Younger son of Shantanu and Satyavati who inherits the throne after Chitrangada's death. Bhisma defeats many at the swayamwara of the Princess sisters Amba, Ambika, and Ambalika. He brings them back to marry his half brother King Vichitravirya. Amba begs him to let her go to King Salva who she has chosen mentally as her husband. Bhisma releases her which ultimately leads to a chain of events that will result in his defeat and death. Queen Ambalika The son of Shantanu and Ganga renounces his right to the throne and takes a vow of celibacy so there are no future claims to the kingdom from his descendants. On hearing his oath, he is showered by flowers from heaven and is renamed Bhisma. Born to Satyavathi, fathered by Rishi Parashara, before her marriage to the King Santanu. He is also known as the compiler of the Vedas and the composer of the Mahabharata. When Vicitravirya dies without an heir his mother, Satyavati, asks him to father children with the 2 queen widows Ambika and Ambalika. The daughter of King Vasu and cursed apsara -turned fish, Satyavati was raised as the adopted daughter of a fisherman chief/ferryman. After fathering their son Vyasa, Rishi Parasha gave her a boon of a musky fragrance. Captivated by her beauty and fragrance King Santanu wants to marry her. Chitrangada Elder son of Shantanu and Satyavathi. Dies in battle with a Gandharva without having any children so the throne is inherited by his younger brother. Dhritarashtra Born blind at birth...the son of Vichitravirya's first wife Ambika and fathered by Vyasa. Father of the 100 Kauravas. Born pale at birth...the son of Vichitravirya's wife Ambalika and fathered by Vyasa. Father of the 5 Pandavas. Queen Ambika The Kuru king of Hastinapur, saw a beautiful woman on the banks of the river Ganges and asked her to marry him. She agrees on the condition that he never questions her actions. One by one she drowns seven sons but as she was about to drown the eight son, Santanu confronts her. She reveals that she is the Goddess Ganga and the infants she drowned were seven Vasus who had been cursed. Ganga disappears with their eighth son, Devavrata. After 16 years, Shantanu reunites with his son.

Later in life, King Santanu falls in love with Satyavati, whose father initially refuses to let her marry on the grounds that any children born of the union would not inherit the kingdom.
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