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The Rocking-Horse Winner

short story by D.H. Lawrence

kelsy mugele

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of The Rocking-Horse Winner

The Rocking-Horse Winner D.H.Lawrence Character setting plot tone Born to a financially troubled family Much of his works are about stuggles between
relationships writes about emotions and fantasy Paul Mother Uncle Oscar Thesis: Lawrence depicts different relationships in The Rocking-Horse Winner to further emphasize his theme; money does not bring happiness, through the characters of the Mother and Paul, Paul and the Uncle, and Paul and the Horse through their tone, plot, and setting. "He knew the horse could take him to where
there was luck only if he forced it" "He would sit on his big rocking horse, charging madly
into space, with a frenzy that made the little girls peer at him uneasily" "I started it for mother, she said she had no luck, because
father is unlucky, so i thought if I was lucky, it might stop
whispering" "He had a secret withing a secret, something he had
not divulged, even to Bassett or to his Uncle Oscar." "Pauls secret of secrets was his wooden horse, that which
had no name." "There was a woman who was beautiful, who started with
all the advantages, yet she had no luck. she married for
love, and the love turned to dust." "If your lucky you have money. Thats why it's better to be born
lucky than rich. if you're rick, you may loose your money. But if
you are lucky, you will always get more money." "I'm a lucky person." "She so wanted to be first in something, and she
did not succeed, even in making sketches for
drapery advertisements." "My family has been a gambling family, and you won't know till you grow up how much damage it has done." "Between wonder and amusement Uncle Oscar was silent. He
pursued the matter no further, but he determinded to take
his nephew with him to the lincoln races." Cold distant mother, son trying to make his mom happy Paul takes on responsibility to win the money becomes stressed with all the pressure lets the gambling and obsession with helping his family
get the best of him and ends up dying The house drives Paul and the Mother crazy "There must be more money!" Paul hoped winning would make the house stop "then something very curious happened. The voices in the house
suddenly went mad, like a chorus of frogs on a spring evening. Paul's wooden horse helps him get to what he wants Cold bitter tone Mother distant cold hearted son feeling alone with his task frantic and stressful
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